WeekN.29 Batang Air

Weekend In Lubok Antu

This weekend saw some of the postal voters casting their votes. Allow me to share some of the pictures I managed to take during this important democratic process in our country.

The Notice of Contested Election and Situation of the Polling Stations are pinned outside the Election Commission Operations Room at the Lubok Antu District Office

Mr. Peter John who was overseeing MAFREL activities in the N.29 Batang Air Election discusses with the Returning Officer Mr. Nelson Mujah Girie

Some of the Presideng Officers on Duty who will be voting at N.29 Batang Air casted their votes earlier at the District Office. The ballot paper bears the two constesting candidates' names and their party symbol

While checking the form the voter's eligibility the staff will ascertain the papers are in order. Notice the two pink envelops on the table.

The ballot paper will be put into the first pink envelop and glued and later on the second pink envelop and then glued. Double sealing to ensure security - Undi itu Rahsia (Your vote is a Secret)

The envelops will then be put into the clear ballot boxes and only to be opened at the Vote Tally center on 7th April 2009

I went around town to see if there is any change in the people's perception and voting inclination. I managed to take a few creative display of party flags in town. The above is the Parti Keadilan Rakyat's bamboo design flags

The Barisan Nasional team brought in new Billboards and banners which had its own message - namely here one gets to see the latest development in Permatang Pauh

Another creative banner which one can presume has to be Barisan Nasional's

Banners decorating the town and Lubok Antu Market and parking space

This is a new version of billboard war which has never been seen by the Lubok Antu folks and voters - as informed by one Sri Aman District Council staff who happened to be in town. In my opinion if one cares to count the numbers of billboards put up by the Barisan Nasional team, one would assume that this town is controlled by the Barisan Nasional. Overall - if one asks, who is winning in terms of banners and billboard wars - it has to be Barisan Nasional. More pictures and reports coming soon.