Rhythm of the Rain

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

When your boss calls you early on a Sunday Morning, it certainly does not mean that it is a Celcom Sunday where phonecalls are free. Sure enough it was informed to me that the Meterological Department had issued a Red Alert - meaning that the weather conditions in Sarawak are taking a turn for the worse. Though I was in Kuching, I scrambled into my Proton Saga without hesitating and proceeded immediate;y for Sri Aman. However I recieved a few signs that it will not be a smooth journey. The rain was falling cats and dogs. My brother in law did warn me that the Pan Borneo Highway, Kuching - Sri Aman road had been cut off somewhere in Serian.

Minor landslide along the Serian road which I noticed during my journey to Sri Aman

I noticed some roads into the villages - in this case Kampung Hilir area in Serian was under water

This house was amongts those engulfed by flood water

"Oh my Goat!" ~ Valuables materials and animals kept by the house owners were brought o higher ground

My journey was cut short as the Kuching - Sri Aman road was cut off at Kampung Belimbing where the water was up to 3 feet high. Its one thing that my reliable Proton Saga was not built for. Remind me to get some funds to fit the car with an underwater periscope one day.

Surfing - those who think their cars can take on the force of nature steered their vehicles into the deep waters

The State Disaster and Relief Committee chaired by the YB Deputy Chief Minister I discusses the latest flood situation

I decided not to risk it and decided that I would be better off assisting the Sri Aman Resident Office by reporting the situation at the State Disaster Committee's Operations Room at Wisma Bapa Malaysia Kuching. Its where the big boys are and they try their best to coordinate aid and relief to the affected areas. I managed to provided updated details to most of the Committee chaired by YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri George Chan together with all other Yang Berhormats. They were at the ops room to get constant updates of the flood situation in Sarawak.

On my return journey home along the Tanah Puteh toll Bridge I saw cars parked along the roads

It seems that the flood has also affected the villages below the toll bridge

A few of the villagers attempted to safe a motorcycle

This is how it is at the moment as the flood ravages the low lying areas in Kuching. I am also informed that the not all parts in Sarawak are spared as reports of rising water levels causes some houses to see flood waters creep into their houses

More reporting to come in soon on the flood situation in Sri Aman as I try to make another attempt to reach the place early in the morning. Signing off.....


Yup. Serian is badly hit. I was in Lundu at that time but my wife was in Serian. She couldn't make it home to Kuching until Monday (today) Hopefully everything will be better after Tuesday.
Pn Hamidah said…
Flood situation in the low-lying and flood-prone areas that comes during the rainy season and aggravated by occurence of king tide is already phenomenal in Sarawak,perhaps its time to look into a more holistic solution to resolve and alleviate the situation like going back to the roots and causes of such situations.I'm sure the relevant authorities that works on the irrigation and drainage systems are well looking into this.The force of nature is beyond our control but the related structural measures and logistics are ours to consider.
Sarawak's weather is quite bad these few days.You have had a wise decision not to continue your journey to Sri Aman. Safety should be the utmost importance consideration whatever we do. Pity those villagers who were pining because their houses and villages are submerged. May God the Almighty stops the prolong heavy rain down pour.
Nimi Momo said…
My area in Bau also affected. Lots of kampung were cut-off from Bau town. kids cannot go to school, ppl cannot go to work, and most importantly, food supplies is affected. hopefully this wont get any worse.
nicksuneo said…
The same situation goes and happened in some places in Kuching. Matang Jaya, Batu Kawa, Bau, and Samariang.... even Kuching town like Satok and in front of electra house also banjir teruk. I came late to office today due to heavy traffic jammed after few main road has been closed.

From your photo, I think sri aman even worst. Sabar... Its happen once in 2 3 years.
Rain...rain... it happen during my course in Lundu...as we rush back on sunday, it seem like Matang road is flooded. We were advice to use Sempadi road to reach Kuching because some area in Bau is badly flooded.

Thanks for the update. I sure will refer to you site for info
Tia said…
it is really a bad flood this year.. how is peace town?
Coffee Girl said…
Right next door to you, bro. But the people's expressions make it seemed like fun. lol.

OMG! A blue-eyed goat!
Amiey Alen said…
pity those flood victims including my grandparents.... they are now staying at school as their house ditenggelami banjir... left only the roof... my grand pa even in borneo post complaining about the rain... kasian hoo them.. we people tak kena banjir ni untung... but i was nearly accident with my dad today when he sent me to work... he underestimated certain area... and our car nearly trapped in flood.... thank god!!! :)
christopher said…
serian still in flood especially kampung hulu & hilir.. goshhh