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Stranded Again

It does seem that the main television channels are showing more and more of International News now compared to what is going on in Sarawak. Which is why I am turning to TV1 and TV2 or NTV 7 as there are more local news as we try to get an update on how the State is coping with the serious flood occurrence. Thanks all for the comments in my previous post - I am worried for my Sri Aman Flood Operations Team just in case it gets worse there. Now I am stuck in Serian. So far my officers have been assuring me that its under control. The 'landslide' event in Pantu earlier on managed to provide us with a good 'drill' and we are more prepared now thoough I have to get the updates from Sri Aman via telephone. Its unlike me to abandon my comrade in arms. Early this morning Serian became a bottleneck for those planning to travel outside Kuching (apart from me that is). Yesterday (11 January 2009) it was at Kampung Belimbing at Mile 75 of the Pan Borneo Highway. Now, 12 January 2008) its at KM68 - somewhere just after the Batang Sadong Bridge.

Map shows the distance between the two flooding areas at different dates

Before Ranchan Poolm the popular picnic resort the deep waters prevented me from continuing my journey. Again I decided not to proceed as the water seemed quite deep

Getting my updates on the flood at the Serian District Office - where a fellow Iban lady blogger Joyce was working hard at the Flood Operations Room. I had to rely on them to find out what lies ahead - was there any other flood reported beyond this one and if so I may have to delay my journey as I am informed that there is also another stretch of road engulfed by water not far from this stretch

I manage to spend my time walking up and down Serian Town as the Police does not allow smaller cars (less than a 4 Wheel Drive) to be put on the bridge. The picture of the HIKMAH building in comparison - above is the picture on 11 January 2009 and the one below is 12 January 2009. But the one on everyone's mind is why is the location of the flood different - on 11th January the Kpg Belimbing Road was under water and today its nearer Serian Town while yesterday's site was given the 'all clear'

The picture of the yellow house in my previous blog - there is a significant rise in the water level

Youngsters braving the high water level

Some prefer to walk the flood stretch which was about 150 metres in distance

The smaller cars who think their cars can take the beating, they can request assistance from friendly neighbours to push the cars for them for a generous amount of tips (I saw someone giving RM50)

Boats became a luxury ride for those who do not want to get wet

Motorbikes can be hauled on top of the back of a larger vehicle

As the day progressed, more heavier vehicles passed through the waters to reach the affected villagers in the area. The army sent their heavy vehicles to distribute aid and provide assistance

The view inside a 4WD as one proceeds through the watres. The driver can feel the water pushing the 4WD vehicle towards the other side

The power of nature - it makes the Kuching/Serian/Sri Aman Road look like a river and the weather is not improving. The Meteorological Department forecasts that rain will continue to fall till 14th January 2009

I noticed that the water current is extremely powerful - and I also noticed that some of the villagers also refuse to leave their homes even though it is in the way of the flowing water

Serian road flood visuals - 10 a.m on 12 Jan 2009

For the lack of news regarding the happenings in the State on our local TV, I guess I will have to turn into some kind of online reporter and was intruged by "I Report" which featured a simple segment of Kuching's flood occurrence at CNN.CoM so I decided to give it a try. Try it if you you wanna experiment on being an online journalist or become Karam Singh Walia. I uploaded a simple video which I took while I spent the time waiting for the flood to subside. So far as of 2 p.m today the water level is still high. I hope for better weather tomorrow - at least I won't be mad if the weatherman can be wrong this time.


GC said…
hope weather gets better.
Pn Hamidah said…
Its true that we in Semenanjung didn't get to hear much local news on Sarawak, so your reports here helps alot.Hope the situation will improve, pity those affected by the floods.
Thanks Greg and Hamidah... you guys are certainly eraly this morning :)
good. thanks for the report
Nuga Jald said…
I like your story. I've created a link to your page with permission. Keep it up and good luck!Cheers.
Nimi Momo said…
one thing that might need worrying now is how to get people who need medical attention to hospitals..
Gette said…
Take care of yourself, Mr. DJ!
nicksuneo said…
Hei, i'm serian boy..... last weekend my parents house almost...
Tia said…
I was talking to my aba yesterday and we were complaining about the lack coverage of the flood situation here... so it is not only us complaining!!!

hey ... thanks for the info mr sugar cane!
headsteadi said…
Just curious bro. Normally you can easily fly on a helicopter. In a critical situation like this, can't you ask them to fly you to Sri Aman?
Nuga - I assume you must be Khairul Onggon of onggon.blogspot also known as the Ngerepak Blog.... I may borrow your blog story about the crocodile seen by the villagers at the flood area

Sumuk - The RELA are mobile with their boats there to assist those who are sick

Nick - Almost what Serian boy?

Thanks Wille, Belian & Gette

Headsteadi - weather not permitting brader. Most YBs flights via heli also postponed but the subject will be brought up in the next blog
AweKelisaBiru said…
it seems takes 4 days for me to head back to Sri Aman. The status i get from Bilik Gerakan Banjir Sri Aman make me stranded in Kuching...
AweKelisaBiru said…
Why don't someone express my idea to overcome this situation?

Use the trailer that use to be vehicle carriage to transit the car from one side to another side.
Mr Desmond,

Is it possible to have a chat with you in person?. Can you email me your phone number to reptoz@rocketmail.com.

It's regarding work.
Willie - i emailed you

adzhha - next time buzz me brader :)
BB said…
omg! i don't expect that it could be this teruk eh.. :(
my prayers for those who are affected..even my hometown, dalat is also affected by flood..
cyrildason said…
Wow.. Serian is badly affected... and I thought Satok was hardly hit. My coleagues say this is the worst flood ever. Even beating the 2002 flood.