Minor Renovation

It does seems that a lot of my blogger friends are shifting and changing gears - redesigning their blog pages, designs and themes. Its a cool exercise as you discover new developments in the web that may help you a better blogger and makes you blog better. Even the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir is changing his address. So why not - since I have the weekend. Time is always a tiresome creature to chase and it always never waits for me and I am always deprived of its availability. I suppose I have to do some experimenting and find out what the latest gadgets have to offer or what excesses I need to cut down - especially inactive links and blogger buddies who have quit the blogosphere. Surfing or blogging from Sri Aman has been fun but the challenge is the accessibility problem (no signals sometimes and slooooooooow connectivity) - so stay tuned while I crawllllllll around in Cyberspacem so do not be alarmed if this blog suddenly goes offline or kejap ade kejap takde (now you see it now you don't) - Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Work is underway, so this site may not work properly


Pn Hamidah said…
Just keeping my fingers crossed on how your design and theme would be.I'm ready for any surprises as you always give your best in everything.Anyway, its the content and the substances in your blog that attract readers like me.Happy weekend.
Reggy said…
Wish you all the best!.hihi!
Pn Hamidah said…
See what did I say!! Wonderful and Congrats on your new layout! Very outstanding,pleasingly neat,with classic style and design.An impressively professional and intelligent outlook that really suits you.(have done alot of blog hopping and this is my taste)Now looking forward to more great entries of distinguish and educational content.This is not a minor renovation sir, almost a masterpiece! haha..again congrats and keep up the good work of professional and intelligent blogging.Cheers!
GC said…
Congratulation bro :)
Coffee Girl said…
Hahah! You too Desmond?
I like this layout better. Neater.

Hows the flood in Sri aman now?
cyrildason said…
All the best for the redesign. Crossing my fingers =)

Btw, you made a blog on the pesta benak last year, this year amacam? Now that Sarawak Bloggers kind of stable, and we know what to do, we can always link you up to promote the pest even more =)