Pesta Batang Ai

Regatta At Batang Ai Dam

(I am back with Pesta Batang Ai Festival news after most of Sri Aman connectivity to the Internet was down for 3 days!) The Pesta Batang Ai is one of the first few attractions in this area that I managed to be a part of this month. The countdown to the carnival was one of anticipation as the organisers. This was due to the fact that both Lubok Antu and Batang Ai are quite remote compared to the other towns in Sarawak. To have a Regatta on this grand scale, the logistics component would be very challenging. In addition the management of crowd and vehicle is another thing. The thumbnails of the pictures are below to enjoy, especially the Batang Ai scenes (click on the photo for a larger version).

As one approaches the Pesta Batang Ai site - the rainbow gate and white tents project an elegant image over the green surroundings

Lubok Antu District Officer, Mr. Nelson Mujah fires a pistol to signal the end of one of the events - as soon as the winning boat crosses the finishing line

One of the Regatta heat underway

The launching gimmick guy arrives with the launch balloons

The arrival of YB Tuan Haji Naroden Majais, Assistant Minister for Entrepreneur Development was recieved with a traditional dance. Accompanying the YB Assistant Minister was YB Dr. Wahbi (ADUN Saribas in blue bush jacket). Abang Shamshudin (Resident for Sri Aman Division), YB Tuan William Badak the Member of Parliament for Lubok Antu and YB Dr. Johnicol Rayong (ADUN for Engkilili)
YB Tuan Haji launches the Pesta Batang Ai via the cutting of the balloons

The crowd at the Pesta Batang Ai was phenomenal - for a town this small and remote, most of the visitors are from the surrounding areas 0f Betong Division apart from those in the Sri Aman Division. Some may be from across the border (entry point via Nanga Badau part of Kalimantan Indonesia which is less than one hour ride form Lubok Antu)

Business has never been good but who would think that these visitors are aware of the Economic Crisis in the global market. Mention Lehman Brothers and they will think it will be the next performing band in the Pesta

Sukan Rakyat Component - blowpipe competition

And most people thought that only 'golf' players are fashionable? What do you think of the blowpipers :)

Ever heard of "tug of war" using longboat - well you can see it here

Local handicrafts were sold at attractive prices

What does Lubok Antu and Los Angeles USA have in common apart from the Hilton Hotel? The LA Cops of course! This LA Cop supervises the starting of the Regatta race. One wrong move from one of the rowers and we know how LA Cops will handle it.

This Power Boat is one mean machine at the Regatta as its engine wreaks havoc during the race. I know I may be too old for Formula One or to be another Loius Hamilton but here's one hobby I might just try

There's no Sepang Circuit for Formula One Cars in Batang Ai but it has a large water body for this powerboat to cruise in the Dam area

View from the top - you have to click on this for the larger version

View from the top of the Concert stage

Youtube video of the Carnival venue

There is much hope for this Pesta Batang Ai as the folks hope that this can be an annual event. This is because it is currently not in the annual tourism calender. If the infrastructures can be improved to allow for the Formula One Powerboat Race to be organised here. Keep our fingers cross......meanwhile I am recovering from Sunburn.


Amiey Alen said…
me and cyril having a high hopes on going to this place by the end of this year...hehehe the place is so nice...
Pn Hamidah said…
A very interesting water event,plus all the side events. Reminds me of Kuching regatta and Penang international dragon boat festival. Nice place and better if this could be included as an annual event. Thanks, you always come up with nice pics. Oh ya, on a lighter side how sure are you none of them knew about Lehman Brothers bankruptcy haha..just kidding.
Tia said…
hmm...didnt know about the pesta...:( looks very interesting and fun. sure a lot of party and drinking session going on.
Coffee Girl said…
L.A. Cops? hahahaha. Cute!
Blowpipe is cooler than batang golf tho. hehehe

Is that real rainbow?
Whenever I think of the Btg Ai dam, I imagine what if u fell off the boat in midstride? it's so deep down there....
nicksuneo said…
i think it quite far driving even from sri aman to batang aik. jauh eh. Jauhhhhhh... :-(
Pemancha said…
akaidai .. rugi enda semak, tik baka diau menua, nyau bekejang ke LA.
Nimi Momo said…
wow.. this one is very promising! i truly believe that someday it'll gonna be as big as Borneo Rainforest Music Festival..
sambay said…
Nice job Des, for posting the Batang Ai Festival on your blog. it will definitely helps to promote the festival worldwide. hope many people would acess it and be attracted to the festival in the years to come.. i also like the photos of the proboscis monkeys, especially the Boss..
cyrildason said…
em, what else to see there ho?? how long from Sri Aman bro?
verdticz said…
saya setuju dengan kemeriahan pesta batang ai tersebut pada 15,16-11-2008,tetapi deri segi pengurusan dan layanan pihak penganjur masih lemah lagi( hanya 30% dari 100% merkah kacekapan ).saya berani berkata begitu kerana saya ada pasukan ikut bertandang semasa pesta tersebut ( pasukan tempatan dari hulu batang ia iaitu malong satu )
01.kelemahan ketara kurang tenaga pengurusan.(tidak mengcukupi)
02.sepatutnya mengukut perangcangan ada masyuarat bersama pihak penganjur atau pengurusan dengan wakil pihak pasukan yang bertanding tetapi tidak ada.( menyebabkan satu penyertaan pasukan saya tiada dalam senarai pertandingan,penyertaan yang sepatutnya disertai telah disenaraikan di senarai penyertaan yang lain (di sakai 15)dan ini nenyebab pesukan kami tidak dapat menyertai perlumbaan sakai 20,)
03.sewaktu pesta tersebut kemasukan kereta ketempat tersebut kurang kawalan deri pihak polis,sehingga menyebatkan kesesakkan lalu lintas ketempat pesta tersebut.
04.jadual pertandingan amat lewat diberi kepada wakil pesukan yang bertanding sehinga menyebabkan pasukan yang bertanding menjadi tidak tersusun,(lebih-lebih lagi kami yang dari hulu sungai batang ai yang tiada kemudahan berkomenikasi jalan raya hanya mengunakan perahu untuk perhubungan)

semoga pesta seperti tersebut akan terus bertambah dah pengurusan akan lebih cekap dipesta yang akan datang.