DUN Days

Duty in the Dewan Undangan Negeri

This week will be rather hectic as I have to fill in some of the Dewan Undangan Negeri's duties for the Sri Aman Division representing my Resident when he has to attend other urgent funtions. So it will always be short notice. However I am honoured to be able to join this Session after covering it as a whole in my previous posts. Now I will have to focus on Sri Aman Division in terms of subjects and assisting my YBs from Sri Aman. More importantly it may be the last Seating in this particular historic DUN building.

The exciting news is that the Dewan Undangan has a WiFI connection now

But a password is requires as this is a secured connection.

So I had to rely on my 3G handphone modem to find out what is the latest with the US Presidential Election and as of 12 noon our time Obama was in the lead.

Other events happening at the Dewan early in the morning was the decision by the Padungan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri YB Dominique Ng Kim Ho to untuck his shirt as a symbolic sign for something he believes in. I did not manage to catch what it meant but it should be in the papers today.


Coffee Girl said…
Ah... it's the usual DUN must-have. Someone acts out of norm to show protest over something or merely standing up for his/her belief. Sometimes I think it's really unnecessary esp if you recall it's the DUN seating, not some Peace Corp march.
Yup. I heard DUN is moving to the new office, opposite Kuching waterfront. Our convocation is held in the old DUN every year.
Tia said…
hmm..ada wifi tu kira ok lah... u wont be bored to death, or are u supposed to listen to everything?
sambay said…
Des, you hav done a good job by posting the Pesta Batang Ai on your blog. By doing so, you are helping to promote Lubok Antu to outside people. keep it up!
another interesting thing.. I also like the photos of the proboscis monkeys, especially the boss..ha..ha..