Lost in Sri Aman

If there was a time that I could have wished that I have a full set of Global Positioning Coordinates for Sri Aman it would have helped me two days ago. That was the time I escorted the Deputy Chief Minister YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. Alfred Jabu around Sri Aman - and got lost! As Sri Aman was having a string of VVIP guests dropping by including YB Dato Sri Abang Zohari, my Resident and I split the protocol tasks. So I had to put my trust on the local driver who was driving the official car. And well, I discovered that I had not really known Sri Aman that well. Accompanying the Deputy Chief Minister in the lead car I brought him to the middle of a padi field somewhere in Sri Aman District!

The Deputy Chief Minister's helicopter landed at Rumah Sri Aman Helipad

YB Datuk Patinggi and YB Dato' Sri Senator Empiang Jabu being greeted by local VVIPs and Heads of Department

Following our lead car was YB Dato Sri Senator Empiang's vehicle. Arghh.... Anyway, all was forgiven when we bid them farewell at the helipad on their return trip to Kuching. They said its okay as I was new here but well, I have to review myself then - maybe I have slacked a bit when I resumed duty here. During my assignment with YB Datuk Amar State Secretary I had always been one or two steps ahead. But here.... something for me to ponder on.....anyway I have spent the past two days pondering over this LISA (Lost In Sri Aman) event. Understandbly the office was buzzing about history being created as I become the first Deputy Resident to get lost in my own Division with the Deputy Chief Minister and wife .

After that I made a rush to the Sri Aman Hospital to join in the SABERKAS Raya Goodies Handout to the patienst which was done by YB Dato Sri Abang Zohari

Its a hectic week really. There was some comfort for me though as the Deputy Chief Minister's private Secretary Mr. Richard Lon had some goodies for me when he touched down in Sri Aman together with his boss. He managed to capture some nice aerial shots of Sri Aman - thanks Richard!

Sri Aman from the air (orange roof is the hospital) - courtesy of Mr. Richard Lon

Shell Station and JKR Office in the foreground - courtesy of Mr. Richard Lon

Sri Aman Town Centre from the air - right hand corner below is the temple - courtesy of Richard Lon

Town centre from another angle - courtesy of Richard Lon

Other than that, other things occupy my mind as I struggle to keep a steady course for this week. During my return journey to Sri Aman this week, I managed to capture on camera glimpses of moments that pass me by.

Sunrise view - reminds you the Greatness of the Creator

Backview of a lorry transporting livestock: Reminds you about a caged life - do we live in a caged world of our own (our values, insecurity etc). Cages we make ourselves.

Young schoolchildren walks to school - reminds you of your early years and the pursuit of education for a better future

Walking the distance Education can be a heavy burden - some of the schoolchildren carry that heavy bag full of text books for 2 - 3 kiliometres

Mum by her side - one thing that caught my attention was the scene of this little girl going to the nearby Kindergarden (well its about 2 km in distance from their home) and her mum was carrying her school bag and ration. I have passed them by over the few months on my trip to and from Kuching to Sri Aman. One day I have to stop and give some school goodies.

Relaxing with a National Hero - Kanang Anak Langkau.

I managed to catch up with the legendary Kanang. We enjoyed a few glasses of ice Lemon Tea during lunch as he shared his adventures. Before, he used to battle the communist terrorists. Now his greatest challenge was making ends meet day in and day out. Out of curiousity I did ask him why he refused the various awards that the powers that be wanted to accord to him. His explanation was simple - "For him the greatest award that he possesses now for courage and bravery under enemy fire is sufficient ~ getting an ordinary title on top of what he already has would mean he will be just one of the boys. With those honorary titles he would have to be attend official functions which is not to his liking as he had other better things to do". In other words if the title to be given to him was able to raise his present standard of living, he would not mind, but if it turns out to be a burden - he would think twice about it. I like the part when he mentioned about the kindness of some VIPs who meet him up with him, dishing out 'pocket money' to him but he really feels uncomfortable with these charitable gestures as he does not wish live off other people's pockets (ngebuk poket orang as he says in Iban). If business opportunities are available and if given the opportunity, he does not mind to battle it out at the entrepreneur battle front so that he can earn from his own toil and sweat.

Well said Tuan Kanang! I am glad to have met him as I will now have a formidable Iban tracker to help me out just in case I get Lost In Sri Aman again!


PPS said…
Thanks for the news and views of Sri Aman. Well, Sri Aman may not be a city like Kuching but LISA is not impossible. Only time will be the best GPS. Keep up with the news from this town of peace.
cyrildason said…
Wow... That's embarassing bro, even if they say its okay.. huhuhu..

Anyway, we never know what we're weak in once we make mistakes, huh??

Thankfully for you that the VVIP's were not like some other Sultan's in the peninsular. If not, you'd be beheaded!
Anonymous said…
Hi Bro Des, besai mai ga menua Sri Aman, maioh utai interesting din, sama Iban diff lifestyle. Arap nuan mujur megai pengawa!
Pn Hamidah said…
Tuan Dy lost in SA Division ? :-)
An outrider escort should help I guess.Thanks.
Coffee Girl said…
Brother, u have an amazingly interesting job! *jeles*