Irene Anak Manggi

Searching for Irene

There has been several cases of young Malaysian girls being used by International syndicates to smuggle illegal drugs recently. Buletin Utama of TV3 on 6th December 2007 reported about a young Sarawakian girl by the name of Irene Anak Manggi being held by the Sao Paolo Police in Brazil - suspected of being involved in drugs. Since this case is still under investigation by the Malaysian authorities, and if found to be true, it is hoped that the Malaysian Government makes every effort to ensure that Ms Irene gets all the assistance she is entitled to.

Click on the play button to catch the TV3 News Bulletin (6 December 2007)

Police Report made by Irene's family was highlighted in the news

Picture of Irene anak Manggi

We hope the relevant authorities can provide more information to help ease the anxieties and worries of Irene Manggi's family. We can only pray and try to contact the Malaysian Consulate or Embassy in Brazil on the status of Ms Irene.


Chris Anakapai said…
maybe it's a case of an offer that is too good to be true. imagine being asked to go overseas just as one starts working.
i hope the Malaysian government will aid her in any way we can.
Pray that her family remains strong and have faith.
and people, be careful!
Ehon said…
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cyrildason said…
hmm... UMNO and PAS are trying to score with the girl from Peninsular.. Maybe its time PKR or SUPP or PBB do the same for this case??
Apai Salleh said…
It's not about politics. Malaysia has very strict laws on drug trafficking. We can expect the same from any other nation, and Brazil is no different.

The poor girl was hoodwinked and became a drug mule in an illegal trade. We all know who these people are in Malaysia, and we know what the laws are.

I suppose Brazilian prisons are worse than Kamunting, so she may yet return home, one day. Pray for that.
Sumandak said…
i saw one article from the star..same story but different person..she's a malay girl working in China.she was charged for possession of drugs and she was sentenced to death. I hope that girl will be saved.