Christmas Soon!

In Christmas Mood

Christmas is around the corner. A few work deadlines are also around the corner. Don't you just hate it? I just shrug off the notion that I can only be back home for Christmas only on Christmas Eve. Most of my assignments have this end of the year 2007 deadlines. Back in my junior management positions it was easy because all you need to do is submit your small part of the assignment to your Section Head. Your other junior colleagues will also be submitting and so if he is satisfied with them you go scot free. But now its A to Z - you have to collect almost all the information from your own officers, wonder what the 'rojak' is, conceptualise, arrange it into proper information and prepare it into a proper presentation before submitting to your boss. Of course there will be amendments here and there. You will be lucky if he does not ask you to present it. If he goes on leave you would not have a choice but to do all this yourself. That's another level because during presentation and delivery, be ready for the feedback and questions and answer session.

My other boss (my daughter) has also been reminding me about Christmas nonstop. Relatives and friends invite you for for pre Christmas prayers, carolling, parties ecetra ecetra. In return you are expected to organise something too. Gosh ....holidays can be stressful too eh? No wonder its good to be a kid once more this coming Christmas where you just need to worry if you have enough bags to put those presents.

Christmas Charity

How's the Christmas preparations in Kuching? Walking around Kuching City - most of the shopping complex decorated to create the Christmas mood. They also have this big Christmas tree which I will put in my next blog. So this Christmas let's hope the big flood don't spoil it for most celebrants as most of the towns in Central Region has seen some high water levels recently. Most importantly I constantly remind myself, Christmas is for everyone and it is about the joy of giving - including giving to the less fortunate.

Christmas Deco in SABERKAS

Shania doing her bit for the Salvation Army

Merry Christmas Irene Manggi

Firstly I would like to thank the New Straits Time Press for their response and also to Irene's family for their update to me on the status of Irene so that it benefit Nadai Name's readers on what is happening to Irene in Sao Paolo. Excerpts from an email I recieved from Irene's family: "Puji Tuhan sejak adik kami nemu brita adik aku kena tan din, hy brita aja, bedau nemu amat ka enda, ya meh ngau sembiang kami bulih brita ngau japat, kami nerima email ari ia, Puji Tuhan adik aku diatu gerai."

Briefly translated, Irene is in the best of health and the family is also strengthened in their belief that God will take care of Irene even through she is far away at the other end of the world. Irene can also communicate with the family via email with which I will be sending our well wishers' Christmas Greetings and support from Sarawak. I respect the family's request for privacy. I understand why. In the course of searching for news on Irene I discovered that some people can be cruel in their judgment of others. I am still compiling those well wishes for Irene so keep them coming.

Next posting - the giant Christmas Tree in Kuching.