13 Years

One Three

As I looked at the calender today I realised its my 13th years in Government Service - I joined the Sarawak State Government on 11th July 1994. Some people see that one three as an Unlucky Number but things have been looking pretty bright lately. How time really flies. But the journey continues and I will take this opportunity to reflect where I have been and what I 've done ..... By the way this is a little diversion from my Gawai Blog....... just to wish myself a Happy 13th Year.

My day to day operations - I consider these things my tools - helping me to coordinate and communicate the development process much more effectively and efficiently. Not to forget preparing speeches, development briefings and updating data. Take these things away - it will be like taking away my vital organs.

Me and Justin Jok of the Natural Resource & Environment

Going down to the ground to ensure Development Projects do not damage the environment - this picture is one of the 'turun padang' visits where we had to verify whatever was stated in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Development Projects. What was stated in the EIA would be assessed by the officers - a little bit like what our Karam Singh Walia of TV3 would be doing when he does enviornmental related reports; but for us its minus the TV cameras.

Not only the ground - the rivers are also important resources that needs protection. Here was one of the few moments when we accompanied our Federal Department of Enviroment official observe and inspect the state of the Rajang River

Dialogue with the local community - facilitating development and health related issues during one of the many Healthy Village program - this one was held in Sri Aman. It was an interesting and trying situation as I had to polish my rusty Urban Iban language. I expressed myself better in simple Bahasa Malaysia it seems. My Bidayuh counterpart (in necktie) next to me spoke better Iban when I got stuck! At that time I wished I could have just dissappeared into thin air.

International and National dialogue with the United Nations Development Programme, Global Environment Facility and the National Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource - it was a very trying moment, and like all other dialogues with other International agencies I had to expand my mind even if it not stretchable anymore. These people speak of experiences in every corner of the world while I still can't share with anyone what is available in the corners of Kuching City.

State Planning Unit Workforce - We Plan!

Posing with some of the State Planning Unit (Red Team) staff while on our Strategic Retreat recently.

Yes - It has been thirteen years of mixed blessings and challenges. When I looked at where I have been and what I have done I realise that there's still a lot that needs doing and a lot that needs attention. Sarawak is still developing and transforming - and like any government servant, being the link between our leaders and the rakyat, I hope that I will have the strength and wisdom to meet people's expectations in service delivery.

And so the journey continues.............


Anonymous said…
enda berasai nehh..pejam celik pejam celik
dellyne said…
ello des.. visit ur blog.
my blog is re-open ehehe
I wanna quit my job! Different battles same shit every week! Sigh!
Chris Anakapai said…
Congrats on 13th anniversary working with S'wak Govt. :)
Ila ku minta posting ke bakun anang enda ngaga line internet kin ah...heheheh
Uchu Keling said…
ONE notebook THREE mobile phones!