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This goes to all Nadai Nama Nama Readers

A few weeks ago I recieved noticed that my host provider will be closing down soon. So I am currently transferring my files over to my new host - which would affect my blogging activity temporarily.

I have to thank David for his effort and partmership with me this past few years. He was a good host provider, very reliable and will respond to my queries 24/7. He has helped me familiarise with these technical matters related with website construction and hosting. I started building websites as early as 1999, experimenting with various hosting providers - overseas and local, the free Geocities services, Fortunecity, Bravehost and many many more. By any standards, David's services topped their mark and I am glad that he has set a standard for the future host providers that I am looking for. So this experience of changing hosts itself is an experience - now I would be looking for a host that can sustain their services for another 25 years, so that I can 'berjalai' in Cyberspace even if I am not around for that 25 years. Which is why I continuously support my 'sifu' or teacher in the web world if he had continued on. David has this amazing spirit of being able to give me solutions when my websites were down compared with some providers who avoided me or gave excuses (some of my other domains are with other hosing providers). It was my wish to assist him wherever I could, being a young local entrepreneur. The spirit of entrepreneurship among our youths should always be nurtured. So I hope the volatile world of Internet biz this past few months, especially the mostly serious Denial of Service Attacks on his server does not dampen that spirit and I wish him all the best in his future journey.

The new host provider which I am approaching is offering another opportunity for me to test out the new technology that the Internet has to offer. After being too comfortable with the Control Panel and various Contents Management Tools. My goal when I started out in the web world is to explore the borderless stretch of the Internet. The changeover now was quite an eye opener really as I had made myself idle in that comfort zone of having a hand to guide me when things go haywire. As I plough on into the new things in Cyber Technology, I realise I also need to be independent in this journey as I had been in those early years of the Internet. With broadband coming in versus the dial up infrastructure that terrorized my life a decade ago and the new applications and softwares coming out - I would love to explore that on my own.

Even before the blogging craze came into existence, my earlier websites in the 90s already had the 'blog' features, with photos and MIRC chat links, which was quite a pain as one had to familiarize with HTMLs and other alien codes. You also had to upload your music files then when now you can just embed them. The wonders of technology. Now its kind of 'kacang' they say so I will not want to be left too far behind. And so my journey continues and I will be in my normal operating mode after the transfer is complete.

Thank you for your patience.

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Pierce Wong said…
desmond, you need a new host?