Gawai 2007 Scene 1

Pre Gawai in Kuching

It was a few weeks before Gawai............. and so the story goes like this:

The Gawai mood started in the middle of May. Various signs wishing the Dayak Community a Happy Gawai sprung up like mushroom in the City. The Guinness Stout or Carlsberg posters in the month of May will portray models in Iban Costumes promoting their product (Guinness Stout, Manah ke Nuan) at town centres. Some shops play the "Selamat Ari Gawai" song to kick in that festivity feeling. The radio Deejays on local radio stations also spin Gawai numbers and friends send one another 'cute' but overly used Gawai greetings. This scene is repeated througout the State.

This is Hotlink's low rate calls for Sarawak advertisement - Hotlink seems to be in the Gawai mood with this tailfish advert

Okay - Hotlink depicts Sarawak as the Land of Hornbill and someone in a Native Costume belonging to a particular community celebrating Gawai.

With Hotlink and Digi in mind - this advert is quite shortsighted. Digi's television advert for example depicted their funny men in yellow overall standing next to an Iban Warrior fully in traditional wear in the middle of a jungle. Sad to say this is false advertising at its best coz in terms of rural coverage you can't detect Digi or Hotlink in the jungles of Song. If Digi's men in yellow do approach any longhouses in my area, I feel that they will be shot first coz they look like food. Celcom still come up top in this case as I manage to detect its presence in three areas (the interior of Lubok Antu, surrounding the Song area (surprisingly) and Bawang Assan at the outskirts of Sibu).

Now what language would you think this Advertisement Banner is in? Bahasa Malaysia? English with the short form "U"? Dayak for "Gawai?" and Chinese for "Angpow"? Gawai is truly multi lingual yarrr?

But the holidays won't be felt beyond the Sarawak borders. Its sad to note that some of the official meetings held at Kuala Lumpur including Seminars and Workshops were slotted in for 30th May to 1st June 2007. I almost missed Gawai when one of the meetings was called at short notice on Gawai Day! My Director understood the situation and I was thankful that my Deputy Director agreed to go for the meeting instead. Thanks boss.

Uncle George's "Open House"

My Uncle George decided to have an "Open House" pre Gawai at Aroma Cafe Kuching. This was because he could not go back to the longhouse this Gawai so he organised one so that we can celebrate with him in Kuching. The event also included some karaoke singing and joget, poco poco and games - an important ingredient for a successful Gawai celebration.

As usual the Gawai get together ingredients - chinese tea, beer, tuak and liquor plus the Karaoke and the wonderful people who wanna have fun

Its not only the adults who are enjoying Gawai! The kids get their shining moments too!

Cooling the Hot Drinks in Ice!

That irritating Poco Poco dance seems to be the highlight...hmmmm

Kevin & Michelle show their Joget Skills to a disco song, I call this not Joget or Disco but a cmbination called JogSco - I believe its better than Poco Poco

Ooohaaa Toast to Pre Gawai Celebration


JY said…
Dear Mr.Jerukan,

My name is Jinyong Park and I am an old friend of Daniel Kanyan. He and I studied together in London back in early '90s.

After I got back to my country-Korea, I lost his contact number and it has been frustrating for me.

This morning, I happened to find his name in your blog and was wondering if you could let him know I am trying to get in touch with him.

Or, if it is O.K., I would like to have his mobile phone number so that I can give him a call for surprise.

Sorry to bother you but you are the sole connection I can think of. I tried to send this message to you by e-mail but wasn't successful so I borrow this space instead. Please understand.

My contact information is as follows;

Jin-Yong Park

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Hime said…
Hey hey Uncle Desmond!!

I saw ur comment at my fren's blog. LOL. Long time no see. I just heard bout u from my aunty few weeks ago actually. So how are you? Looks like u're married and have a cute daughter. Haha.. Can't believe time goes by so fast~
Jy & Charlene

That's the wonders of Internet :) good to hear from u all. The feeling is at another level :)
I wish I was there to preserve my liver...
SIB KingFisher said…
totally agree with the celcom coverage :). sole reason I keep holding to my 019 numbers. Digi and Hotlink just sucks back in Sarawak...

poco poco... -_-"