Football Mad Nation

How Mad Are We?

Malaysia being a football mad nation? I don't know if that is correct. Unless Celcom is trying to compare Malaysia with the other Nations - on a scale of Mad, Madder or Maddest to Fanatic to absolute Anarchy? Then that would not be so bad at all. I distinctly remember of a War known as the FootBall War between Honduras and El Salvador. Of course that war was due to a lot of politicizing other than football but we have not gone to that level yet. The best part about our football fans is that they would prefer to watch the live telecasts of foreign football teams playing in the comfort of a bar, pub or some coffee shops in the City. I believe this is true for fans throughout the country and also Sarawak.But I would not call that mad - would you?

On a scale of Mad to Fanatic - being mad about football means we are not that good (in being very mad)yet?

But things may change with the recent statement by the Honourable Prime Minister regarding the visit by the Manchester United Team to Malaysia - while on their Asia Tour. But still we have not surpassed the 'Mad' status yet as I don't see any riots in the country because of football. I have to salute Malaysians for that.

The Premier Fan has revealed what he wants - and what he wants usually he will get it, one way or another

I was also compelled to write to the News Straits Time to give the Nation a word or two on how they can solve the problem. Since the Asian Football Confederation has strictly "No playing in Kuala Lumpur", I say come play in Kuching. My point was that its Visit Malaysia Year, Manchester United has been to Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak hosted the 49th Mederka Day Celebration last Year and this Year its Sabah's turn to host the 50th Mederka Celebrations...... why not give the Sarawakains and Sabahans a treat and play in this region? We hosted the Brazil - Argentina Youth World Cup game in 1997 anyway and we have an International Class Stadium that can help the Red Devils show off their skills.

A Small Voice in the Newspaper (NST 14 May 2007)

So Much For Sarawak Football

What has this former fan of Sarawak Soccer has to say about football in Sarawak then? Some people approached me about it as they knew I was Mad About Sarawak Football - that was during the Ngap Sayot Days when Awang Mahyan brought some magic and passion into Sarawak football. Alan Vest's John Hunter signing brought hope to Sarawak too with a new brand of 'Aussie' football. I remember during the Pre University days when I was studying in Penang - I would sit in the Penang City Stadium during the Sarawak - Penang Match draped in Sarawak flag in the middle of the Penang fans. One thing I can say about Penang fans is that they are decent lots - not that intimidated by us, even if Sarawak was winning and I was waving Sarawak's flag while dancing madly. Yeap - thinking about it, I feel like an Orang Utan now.

I have to salute the few fans who are trying their best to revive the football spirit and the state of the Sarawak Soccer Team. Currently there is a signature drive to put up the once famous Captain Gulzar as the Football Associaltion of Sarawak President. I would not comment much on this as the Yang Berhormat for Kedup Federick Bayoi had stated in the Dewan Undangan Negeri in the last sitting, to quote "Even Alex Ferguson will not be able to save football in Sarawak...".

Signature campaign for Captain Gulzar - will he be our Captain Wonder?

YB Federick Bayoi hit the nail on the head when he also mentioned about the lack of young backup players in the State to fill in the shoes of the veteran players. But we leave that to the wisdom of our State Team administrators. I am sure they have some strategies up their sleeves. I am no Football maestro who can provide the answers. But I will always be that 'Once Upon A Time Sarawak Football Fan". Unless I see real efforts to lift Sarawak soccer as a whole - from the Bujang Senang Team to the Football Academy, the Management - the whole works, I would not step a foot in the Stadium. In my opinion, there is a need for a total overhaul. You can't just replace the spark plug of a faulty engine without finding out what is exactly wrong with the whole engine.

Play the Game

So for now I will just be an observer and play the games I like. Right now I am into Futsal. Its a bit cheaper and one worries less about the weather as its an indoor game. Try to find a Stadium to play in Kuching one has to pay RM100 for a good field and RM70 for referees and linesmen services. I am glad that the Futsal stadiums are springing up like mushroom around the City now.

The ongoing Futsal Competition organised by the Chief Minister's Department

The White Knights - as opposed to the Red Devils


Hahaha! nice post!

I am still a supporter of Liverpool but I don't mind seeing the red devils live!

Asia Cup championships are bullshit. I don't know anyone famous there!
GerubiTuai said…
First and foremost, Selamat Ngintu Gawai Dayak to ya'll Dayak ti begulai megai pengawa dia, C.R. included ya.

Nice post Igat. I am a fan of Sarawak, always has been and always will be wherever I am at. I was there once belonged to the 'masuk padang' group ba Stadium Negeri that evening standing next to the corner flag maya Ngap Sayot era. The grooming of new breeds, I think, ukai semina ba tapak jari FA of Sarawak and its affiliates. It's every footballer willingness to take on the challenge ngiring one or two. We have this 'jaguh kampung' tuck away somewhere lalu enda kala ngeluah nya. We should look at these jaguh kampung beyond its godforesaking embarrassing name. Easier said than done neh, but it's a start enda pia. Young footballers are developing everyday from all walks of life in Sarawak.

Can agree more Igat.
felicakes said…
I saw Alan Vest last year when he was giving out prizes to our uni's cup of Nation's soccer tournament. When I heard his name he sounded so familiar and when I asked a friend he said that he coached Sarawak before and now he is coaching for Perth Glory.

I do not watch soccer that much but my husband loves it to death.
fizul said…
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