Happy Mother's Day

Its Mother's Day

I recieved a Multimedia Message yesterday from my brother in law in Sibu and I was informed that the family was celebrating Mother's Day that evening.

My sis (in orange), my mum (middle) and my aunty - they forgot to increase the size setting of the picture during the candle blowing

Shania with my girlfriend

Shania with the card for Mother's Day - Happy Mother's Day!

The Good News for Mum

Mum usually likes to update herself with what I am up to - and also her grandaughter Shania. Just before her birthday early this week and now Mother's Day she SMSed me if there was any good news from me. Sometimes I wonder what good news I want to share with my Mum - I know she is expecting another addition to the family. Hehehe..... not just yet Mum.

Handing over of Sectoral Duties from Mr. Noel Changgai Bucking (the previous Sector Head who would be Heading the Agriculture, Land & Rural Development Sector) - behind him are Madam Intan Rahmah and Madam Ariena Borhan

So I informed my Mum about my new designation in the office as the new Sector Head for the Human Resource and Social Development Sector. Its a promotion in the office, which means I had been given a bigger responsibility over my previous function of planning the Ninth Malaysia Plan. I would have to undergo another phase to make it official through a promotion interview later. I hope it was good news enough for her. Happy Mothers' Day Mum.

I am also launching another blog which will be known as the Fun and Food Blog.

Click on the picture above to have a feel (or taste) of it if you have not done so.


Unknown said…
Congratulations to you on your new posting as section head. I am sure everyone is proud of you, especially your mum. Keep up your good work!