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You Have Got Time

Everytime I am up to my nose at work, I playback in my mind that advertisement Astro Max on television about an Indian businessman who keeps saying 'I've Got Time, I've Got Time'. That's because he's got Astro Max and with it he is able to (as the advertisement puts it) pause live TV, Rewind Live TV, Record Live TV and watch one show while recording another.'

Astro Max can help you say 'I've Got Time, I've Got Time!'

Yeah right. That's if your life revolves around television programmes. Sadly its an activity that families indulge in every evening after returning from work, school - some phenomenom repeated over and over again since Early Men discovered fire. Back then the prehistoric family would gather around the warmth of the fireplace, maybe sharing stories or food....hmmm...I do suspect its a prelude to the invention of television.

Gathering around Fires those days could have been the first sign that televisions will be invented - set to change the course of human evolution

If television was ever invented then I believe the human species would have just dissapeared into extinction due to starvation. Astro Max would not have been available then (no sattelites) and the Cave Men would not have the time to catch the Dinosaurs for food. They would rather watch the latest results of the Prehistoric League - something akin to the English Premier League. I suspect teams like Homo Sapien United or Cro Magnon United would exist back then.

So going back to the subject matter about 'time', I discovered that the only time I get to do the things I like would be during weekends. As I am no TV junkie, Astro Max won't solve my 'lack of time' problem. Of course time is precious. People who coined the phrase related to time like 'Time waits for No man', 'Time is Money' would be rich today if they had patented that into cute posters or copyrighted 'quotes'. Sing any songs related to time like Johnny Hates Jazz, 'Turn back the Clock', Whitney Houston's 'One Moment in Time', it would hit the top of the charts in an instant. People are obsessed with time. Many can choose to disagree with me but I think I may have hit Jackpot. Now any free and valuable time that you have are being lumped together into the term known as Weekend. So if I start writing some lyrics about Weekends and I could be laughing my way to the bank once it hit the top of the charts worldwide. Look at the phrase 'Thank God Its Friday' - or TGIF! Anything related to the eve of weekends can be famous.

If anyone had patented TGIF they would be rich today

So I will say No Astro Max - unless I can afford it of course. But I may consider a Universal Remote which Adam Sandler introduced in the movie Click - it helped him control his life - pausing events or fast-forwarding over them at his whims and fancy. But its only a movie so this means we just have to stick to the usual way of programming our lives.

The Universal Remote - only if it was true

Programming our live in the usual way means - proper planning and reminding ourselves of the things we need to accomplish. Its easier now as one can put their 'To Do Lists' in schedules with the invention of the Portable Digital Assistant (PDA) or modern handphones. Time Management softwares are also available in the market. It gives cute reminder sounds. The equipment goes 'beep beep' - it means there's something due. And the best thing is that you can postpone the deadline by just a touch of the button. Like Alarm Clocks for example.But do take note, this gadgets only apply if you are still genuinely single. For most of us married men, these complicated digital gadgets are sometimes replaced by the simple but sometimes complicated analog version called WIFE - it stands for Wireless Instructions For Execution. Even if your PDA goes 'beep beep' signalling its Time for Beer with Friends the WIFE will overule it with 'Its Time To Take the Baby to the Dinosaur Show'. Unlike PDAs which you can reprogram the schedule to a later time, the WIFE tends to remind you again in the 'Bla Bla' mode drowning the 'beep beep' reminder sound. Ignoring the WIFE also has devastating consequences as it can erase other programs in your PDAs which means you will have no Lunch or Dinner in your schedule. Anyway its good to acquire WIFE because you know they always put family events as top priority. In most cases, you can have a few PDAs if you like, but WIFE usually comes in one package coupled with a lifetime warranty so do take care of her.


So that's what exactly happened the last weekend for me. DINOTREK was in Kuching City - at the Sarawak Muzium. Yeah!! With the posters promoting the event and building the excitement among Kuchingites, its a wonder the first few days were a sell out.

Kuchingites are so fascinated by Dinosaurs

I had to line up for the tickets

The shows were a sell out

The supposedly Evil T-Rex was one of the attractions - I believe this is the smaller version

A Dinosaur looking over the realistic babies hatching in its Nest

The Blue Screen effect - you can take a picture of yourself with the dancing dino eggs

Bring along the kids - It will be educational for them

Overall it's kinda okay to bring your kids here if they have never seen dinosaurs. Unless you have taken them to Disneyland before this, then this would not impress them as the dinos here are smaller. If you plan to go on weekends or holidays, be prepared to line up and also for the tickets to be sold out. If you are patient enough, the exhibition will be on till the year end. But with kids, you know lah... I suggest early bookings are necessary. Word about these kind of shows tend to spread like wildfire amongst the kids especially when update themselves amongst friends in schools. It just takes one or two kids to say 'I have been to DinoTrek', 'I've been there too!' So if your kid have not been there, the danger is that they will highlight the need to go to Dinotrek to your WIFE and there goes your weekend beer.

Thank God Its Good Friday

Another event that took place during the weekend this month of April was Good Friday. Its a welcome relief as there had not been any public holidays in the month of March. The Holy Saturday itself was a significant date as my younger sister was getting baptised.

Good Friday scene at the Catholic Church BDC

Blessing the Holy Water

Baptism for my Sis

Those baptised that night (in white) - Congrats Sis!

Official Saturdays and Sundays
Also do not forget about those "official" weekends. It seems that our office tend to organise sports functions like Aerobics, Family Days and also Bowling during weekends. These are events that sometimes can overule WIFE programs. Recently we had the Inter Departmental Bowling competition at the Riverside Bowling Alley

Posing with the Organiser - Mr. Richard Lon, Executive Private Secretary to the Deputy Cheif Minister

Sarawak Losed Bowling... ermm...okay the 'C' must be somewhere there

VIPs showing their stuff - here we have Datuk Haji Jeli rolling to a Strike

Team Mate - Dzuren Datu Hj Hamzah shows he can spin balls

Fund Raising Dinners
Other events that can occupy your weekends after discussion with your WIFE includes Charity Sales and Dinners. With Gawai Dayak around the corner, one can expect more of these dinners. Wedding dinners are sometimes held on Saturdays - the difficult part is when more than one events are organised at the same time.

Church Building Chariry Dinner which I recently attended

VIPs - (from left) YB En. Dublin Unting, YB Dato' Sri James Masing and YB Encik Snowdon Lawan

Its always fun to see kids perform

The food is important. Sometimes they want to make so much profit per table at the expense of the food quality. Its worth noting that the food that night was especially nice

And of course - the traditional wear :) can soothe the eyes after a hard days work
Open Houses
Sometimes one will also get invited to open houses hosted by the Ministers, Assistant Ministers and VIPs. And without fail it will always be on a weekend. Last month we were invited to the YB Larry Sng's residence for a Chinese New Year gathering.

YB Larry Sng's residence near Simpang Tiga

YB Larry and the Director of the State Planning Unit Encik Ismawi Ismuni and wife

Makan time :)

Sng senior entertains the guests

Newspapers & Favorite TV shows
And who can forget the favourite activity of reading newspapers and catching the latest about reality entertainment shows on TV. On weekends you know you can enjoy reading the articles as there will be special editions that try to attracts readers. The latest to hit the news stand are something about Gansterism and Gangstarz and Akademi Fantasia. Its the real thing people!

Atractive headlines make good readings - being educated readers the news will make us think. One person say Got problem one, another says Got problem kah and the other say not so serious one lah, just one or two cases....people get shot while drinking coffee at coffee shop...its normal...it happens in Iraq and South Thailand.

Reality TVs - you can't rewind this with Max Astro coz you wanna know the results Live - where's the thrill when you already know the results beforehand

So, that's it about weekends I guess. Before you know it, its Monday already! And you have to apologise to your colleagues or friends that you had to miss those beer sessions with them as you don't really know where your time had vanished into. Just promise them 'Next weekend lah' and convince them "I've Got Time, I've Got Time". I am sure you can bluff them and buy yourself another week to come up with another excuse.


nnHi ! Great post... on all the stuff there's to do in Kuching on the w/end...
Hmm... Larry's house is HUGE ! I wonder how well he is paid... Haha.
What about going fishing on the weekend? Seriously, let's go fishing the next time I'm there. River can; sea also can.
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