Outcome and Expectations

Examination: Outcome

I knew how the students who sat for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination felt while they were waiting for their exam results. I was amongst those who felt anxious about the result but mine was a different exam which is known as the Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan (Competency Exam) for Government officers. When the result slip landed on my table I did not exactly open it. I peeked between the covers....then i asked myself, what am I doing? Man, I am a grown up - exams are not to be feared....But I still looked at it with anxiety from a distance. Well we can be like kids once in a while. I told myself, if I do well, I will go out for a drink tonight, maybe a few glasses of beers to celebrate. If I don't I will still go out to drink...hmmmm

I had joked about this before with my colleagues - about examinations - you would have thought that being a grown up you would be free from exams, no tests, no this and no that. In my line of job with the State Civil Service I can expect more to come - be it in the form of Government Examinations, Interviews and also Annual Appraisals to ensure that we have the necessary skills to perform our public duties and drink more beer (I am not joking about the beer - ask any Native 'Kunsil' officer serving outstation and most of them will agree as many official enquiries are done in coffee shops. In the old days we used to be called the Sarawak Administrative Officers or in short SAO - then it became fondly known as the Sabong Ayam Officer. When you are in the Districts the SAOs in the District Offices are those who will process any cock fighting license).

Result slip on the table - my hands were trembling due to the cold air condition in the office

My result for the papers I took - One is Aras IV and the other Aras III

What Aras I, Aras II, Aras III and Aras IV means. Translated Aras IV & III means 'Phew!'....and Aras I & II means 'Eeeew!'

Well I must say I feel delighted to have scrapped through the examination. Its not showing off, but just sharing with the readers out there that this is what we have to cope with in Government Service. There are no 'A's to shout about as our grading is a bit different - its just confines to Aras I, II, III or IV. The highest being Aras IV followed by Aras III. If you get Aras I and II you have to resit for the examinations. And this is for TK1 (Tahap Kecekapan I) meaning to say these next few years I have to sit for TK2 and TK3 if I want to upgrade my salary scale which again is determined whether your Annual Appraisal is favorable or not. TK2 and TK3 is of a higher salary scale but I don't want to dwell on that as it gets too technical along the way.

If we had someone with Mr. Bean's skills in the State Civil Service, I doubt that people will be laughing as do in the cinemas. Would you want him to process your passport? Hehehe..,

I constantly remind myself and colleagues that its just a paper test and used to fulfill our service requirement - it does not test our practical skills in applying our knowledge. Take the case of a government boat handler and a four Wheel Drive vehicle driver as examples, especially boat handlers who ply the Rajang River between the Kapit and Belaga or the vehicle driver who travels daily from Lawas to Ba'Kelalan through the notorious jungle timber tracks. Its the special skill and experience needed, not covered by the exam that matters most here. One wrong move while negotiating the dangerous Pelagus Rapids or misjudgement of the unstable timber track roads - no Aras IVs or As can can guarantee you will survive those excursions. In other words you need to succeed in the paper test for your Livelihood....and acquiring real life skills to Llive. For real life skills you need to acquire it through continuous exposures and practice - not just desktop observations. I would be surprised if someone performs excellently well in the exam and starts demanding that they'd be promoted.

At this point, I wish to congratulate my collegues in the State Service and Federal Service who have performed well in the exams. Don't lose sight of your personal goals but more importantly, let's focus more on serving this Nation and State we love so much.


Another letter regarding my appointment by the State Secretary to be a member of the Rakan Sarawak Editorial Team from 2007 - 2008 also landed on my desk. That's a pleasant surprise. I did ask myself whether I was ready to face the challenge as journalism is not my forte. Furthermore I use my Nadai Nama blog to gently nudge State agencies and services that do not measure up to the State Civil Service standards and people's expectations. Accepting this would mean that I have to play another role in the State Civil Service public relations team - disseminating the positive images and roles of the State Civil Service. I decided that its going to be tough but since I am workin for the betterment of the State Civil Service, I accepted the appointment. The challenge will be to manage the expectations of those who have put their trust in me - the Rakan Sarawak Advisor, the Chief Editor and other Editorial Team members, the readers who are our customers and most important of all - Me, myself and I.

The appointment letter

Another reason for me to be excited about being part of the editorial team is the revamp of the Rakan Sarawak website from the dull looking online magazine design to the exciting and interactive design of the recently launched website.

The previous website looks like the one above. Click on the image above to view the archives of the Rakan Sarawak issues. It will open in a new Window.

The New Look. Click on the picture to view in another Window.

Register in this new website if you are interested in what is going on in the State Civil Service or wish to participate in discussions. I am made to undertstand that the first few registrants will get something interesting from Faradale Media. If any of the readers there wants to comment on the website and on how it can be improved or enhanced, give me a tinker. I know I have a few suggestions to make as there are a lot of areas that needs improvements - I have prepared my list - boy are they gonna hear a mouthful from me....oppss...I can't say much, I am in the Editorial Team...man this sucks.


Chris Anakapai said…
congratulations uncle D... :D anang enda chia kami makai au :p
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Good job!!!Excellent...Congrats Boss!!!
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NSDS3HvLDjJd said…
Congratulations! And I hope that the Rakan Sarawak site gets updated often.
Wilson said…
Congratulation! I enjoy the way you blog.
BTW, I am Wilson HP Chua fom MARDI Kuching.
Lo said…

congrats! you will do a great job!

Hmmm, I wonder if Rakan will analyse the links between a certain someone in Sarawak with kicjback money from Japan? Hahahaaaa
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funny la you! ha ha ha
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congrats on your results :) btw i change my blog address so please update your links accordingly

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Keterlampauan..opss..kehebatan mu teserlah..syabas Insp. Sahab..
Bah...kemaya ka celebrate ngau pari sambal food garden tu?