I Am Back!!

Happy Belated New Year 2007

Greetings to fellow Nadai Nama Nama readers. Before I proceed with my usual blabbering, allow me to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2007. I also missed the part of wishing you all a Merry Christmas 2006. I wish to record here my thanks to the readers who called, SMSed and even approached me regarding my blog. Thank you for your words of encouragement and also suggestions. No, this blog is not going to disappear. I just went a long leave from Cyberspace when I went to Sibu for my vacation in December.

Starting 2007 and riding on to 2008!!
I believed I am spoilt by the fast streamyx connection that I usually experience when blogging in Kuching. Trying to access the Internet from Sibu in december was quite painful. The surf speed deteriorated during the Earthquake in Taiwan that time and I spent almost a whole day to connect.

I decided to take a breather. Now that I am back in Kuching, I can say I would be blogging regularly now. So what about 2006 that has just passed. In brief, I would like to say that it has been a mixed year for me. It has its up and down - when I look back at my blog entries I'll say it has been a busy year. I'll talk about those missing months in the weeks to come as I cross over to 2007 - I am about a month behind... ye Gods!

Adios 2007 - Hello 2007: So what's the Plan?

At the start of New Year 2006 - what has been achieved? I really don't have anything that I can say. I did not really plan anything in 2006. Reason being the plans were there already - not by me but by my bosses, family members and friends. I just became part of the plan. So I decided I will start 2007 the same way. During his Discovery Channel interview, Jackie Chan's said, "....if you plan, it will never happen". I did not really know what he meant until I watched the show that described his lifestory, it would be hard to say if he really planned his success. I am inspired.

"...when you plan, it never happens"

Its strange that it should come from my mouth - someone working in the State Planning Unit. But shhhh.... bloggers are not supposed to say anything about their workplace. Some prominent bloggers are now being brought to court for publishing their mind. Its a "mine and mind field" for bloggers out there so I will not dwell on that I don't think I will do any major planning for my blog in 2007. My employers... shhhh.... "I have been forewarned are preparing Guidelines for government servants who blog - ooppss I think I am one of them. I recieved that information sometimes in November 2006. So I have somewhat toned down my blogging about work related events. But I am still waiting, and waiting, and waiting for that Guideline. While I am waiting I will do a few sit ups and push ups so that I can exercise my way to being a fit servant of the people.

Get in Shape You Civil Servant You....

Though I have decided not to plan anything. Some of my friends have set themselves a few targets in their New Year Resolutions list. Resolutions.... hehehe... after probably years of my own resolutions (which I lost count) I guess I will have to forecast on what 2007 has to offer before I come up with my own solid ones. Until now I am clueless. I can list a thousand and one things but I may miss something important. You can forecast the rain but I doubt you can forecast the flood. Its a tough job if you are the weatherman. They will blame the flood on you too if that happens. In Kuching Sarawak they tend to blame it on The Barrage - which is maintained by the Sarawak Rivers Board. In Sibu it will be the lack of drain maintenance which is under the Drainage and Irrigation Department and in Miri they will blame it on the Miri City Council. Its tough being a Civil Servant :) You get screwed both ends - Big Time coz the Bosses and the People want you to shape up.

You can Plan - did someone predict the water level?

But you can't be sure coz may just miss something......

And that something you plan can be washed away and you are left with a different Plan

I would like to look at the old Malay saying... "Sediakan Payung Sebelum Hujan" for the Year 2007. Yup, no Planning business for me and also for this blog. After what has happened I think I would buy the umbrellas later and get me some boats and life jackets first. Vroooom!


dude! welcome back.
it was great seeing you. let's do it again in March, when I should be there for 5-6 days.
yes, blog about T1 if you HAVE to...hahah. Just refer to me as 'blueheeler' only, and the toilet-boy as 'KY'... Just for the heck of it, can you pixel out my face like some disgraced porn-star....Hahahaaaaaa...so clandestine....
Looking forward to reading it.....
It is good to have you back! Welcome into the new year! Welcome to the revolution except that the internet connection sucks!
Lo said…
welcome back again bro. i hope you are fully charged for the new year. keep on blogging. we are allowed to express our opinion in a civilised way, i think. so, dont worry too much about the guidelines. dont let it change your style of blogging. see ya.
Anonymous said…
hey bro,
finally you made something for us to read...duh! Im really sorry that we couldnt spend time 'ngabang' during gawai antu in cbu. Time was limited for me as I was the chef at the longhouse. When there were times for me to hang out, sampai mabuk pulak, pulai dini ahi(slang cbu) Any plans to come to Utah? ;)
GerubiTuai said…
Welcome back Igat.