Valentine: Melvin & Agness

Valentine 2007

Traxx FM played the song 'Love is in the Air' as I drove down to the City Centre in the afternoon. It struck me that Valentine's Day is today. Yes - its the day that lovers around the globe (including families and loved ones)- celebrate Love. Its the time that the Florists around the world also inflate the price of flowers by 100 - 300%. Some special arrangements can be yours on Valentine's Day for RM888.00. you may ask if its worth it. I say its worth it - why?

Look at the prices - putting a price tag on Love!

Altough the price tags seem astronomical - Love knows no boundaries for those who an afford the luxury. If you feel its extravagant, well think about this. In the old days the Iban warriors would have to go out and hunt for heads to make up for the lack of flowers. The only way to an Iban maiden's heart that time means heads must roll. If this tradition had not been stopped by the British rulers last time

It could have been worse if the ladies are choosy

During medievel times too, brave knights have to slay dragons to prove their love. So if you think of it this way I think pressing the button to purchase those flowers is as brave as you can get.

Would you slay a Dragon for her?

You just have to do without that regular supply of beer for the next twelve months. Its better than hunting heads or dragons - unless she is worth it.

Melvin & Agness Wedding

Away from this all, I would like to feature a friend's recent wedding in my Valentine blog. Congratulations buddy! Melvin, who got married on the 10th of February recently is actually my neighbour and he stays just across me. He's a true Iban warrior who managed to capture the heart of Ms. Agness a lovely Iban maiden - without going headhunting or killing dragons.

The invitation card was lovely with its green theme

At St. Joseph's Church - the Marriage Vows

The Signature of the Marriage Certificate - officiate the Husband and Wife title

Group Photo of the best friends (the ladies' side and the guy's)

The dinner deco at Hilton complimented the Green theme

Cake Cutting Ceremony - How beautiful

The Kiss

The Toast - you can see Melvin turning into the Incredible Hunk - minus the necktie
Speech from the Couple - Thanking the Guests

And The Dance - How Romantic

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

Overall it was a fun wedding as I did managed to twist and dance the night away. My Congratulations again to Melvin and Agness for their marriage. The wedding an party had all the ingredients of a successful show - the drinks, party and well - pretty flower gurls and bridemaid.

Drinks all night long - *hic*

And the Flower Girls - Hmmm....


haha....good point about a bouquet of 'kepala' to keep the Iban lass happy..... HAHA......
wooo.. beuatiful girls!

Happy Valentine's Day... unfortunately I am a lonely bastard with no one to be my companion.

I will probably go home high and dry! :(
Lo said…

flower girl nyak anak buah mrs aku. yak ka tinggi lampai nyak a small world bro.

Unknown said…
Hi Desmond,
I'm honoured u posted my wedding pics here. Thanks for attending the church ceremony & dinner reception. I hope u had a great time that night.

Oh... BTW, nowadays, ukai pala mensia agi ka di asu... but palak agung. haha....
Anonymous said…