Coincidence Or ....

The Number Game

It's barely one week since I posted the photos on the funeral of Datin amar Margaret when someone alerted me last night on one of my pictures and todays Magnum 4 Digit Draw.

I am not so much a numbers fanatic but of any of the hardcore players out there have been observant they have been lucky with the numbers game.

I guess he was putting Wednesday's Magnum 4D N0.146/06 result as a source of his excitement:

With the Van-Hearse Photo that I took last two weeks.

Van's Number is 1818

I figure that if one is a fanatic in the numbers game, it will stir some form of excitement amongst those involved in the past events during their coffee shop talks. I don't know guys and gals. Let's put the element of probability in the numbers game - some people may have been putting in thrice a weekly investment in the numbers game and not strike any luck for years? But some players may have their day.

So to those who were right on target with the numbers - let's talk about it over coffee and discuss what the chances would have been? Being Malaysians the link between events and numbers has been part of our make up. First thing that Malaysians do when they encounter an accident scene is take down the plate numbers of the vehicles involved.


Oh man! You didn't get it! Sigh!

My car number plate came out a few days ago but in reverse!

Sometimes it is how lucky you are!
Rentap said…
Luck is a funny thing. Luck shows it self in the past but not the present or the future.You only know you saw it after you went through it.You cannot see luck in the future.It will be good if we can travel forward into time and come back to re-live the moment.That will be snazzy.So, will you all befriend this thing call 'Luck'? said…
Wow! 1818 huh?

Go to the future and grab past Lotto results. Eh? Thats sounds like Back to the Future 2. What a cliche ... hehe
Anonymous said…
Hey bro, I used to work in 4D Magnum for a year....1818 is not an easy number to get. Most of the time it is either sold out or been block...why block this number I dont know. I had good experienced with this number whereby I sold so many during CNY 1994, many people who are my favorite customer struck this num and or courselah I got angpaw....but my boss wasnt happy!!