Swinburne Burns

Swinburne Fire

I recieved a a call from Mr. Matthew Layang about the fire at the State Complex Simpang Tiga (also known as Swinburne University) in the late afternoon (estimated at 1:35 noon time).

Wei Liang and Blueapple was probably there earlier than me. So I guess the story in their blogs are more first hand than mine as I arrived there half an hour after the fire started. That was about 1.50 noon time.

The earlier photo above with the smokes coming out from the tenth floor is taken by Mr. Mathhew Layang who was there earlier. Smoke was coming out of the tenth floor.

The Fire Fighters raises their sky lift to reach the fire

Firefighters in action

The Fire Department men in action

Swinburne staffs were seen outside the State Complex

The video taken with my Nokia 6280. It was not set to the best quality mode as I forgot to do that part in my haste to get the pictures/movie.

Luckily no one was hurt in this fire. I believe this would be the second fire after a fire destroyed a meeting room at the ninth floor between 1999 - 2000 of the State Office Complex. I worked in the building between 1998 - 2001.


Do you know that some of the old government buidlings in Penang at fire hazards?

KOMTAR is one to start of with... this is what I heard from some friends in the public engineering department.
Chemical Apple said…
Wo.. Thanx for the credit...^^
Anyway u got nice shots there...
I took mine pictures from inside the car so not really at their best..haha.
nice blog u got here...
Anonymous said…
I still got my Nokia 6280....didnt know it can do that. ;)

you on long holiday ah?
ShengHan said…
hey..could i use your first pic for one of my posts? I'd link back to ya!

btw, if you hadn't heard yet, there was a (minor) fire at the new Swinburne campus (under construction) this morning.

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