Merdeka - Days Before

Merdeka Celebrations - Duty Calls

As Merdeka Celebration looms near we recieved our appointment letters to assist in the Celebrations. The different officers in the State Administration are assigned their specific duties. I had wanted to join the Merdeka Kembara that was criss crossing the whole length of Sarawak earlier on but that was not to be. Reason being my appointment was going to stretch a week wide causing me to lose the 'available' time to join the Kembara Tour.

View of the Astana from the Water Front at Night just days before Merdeka Celebration. Click on the picture above for a larger view.

The whole length of the Kuching Water Front was lighted up - Click on the picture above for a larger view

We were assigned our stations and tags - lists of duty schedules and contacts were distributed by the Urusetia for Merdeka Celebrations

The officers on duty were assigned their passes to use as most of the areas will be cordoned off and to be able to move in these restricted zones, these passes are the key

Special briefings to assign everyone their points were specified and we had to find out where we were supposed to be. Time location and what we are supposed to do was vital or we would miss the VVIPS who were coming at the specified time allocated by the organisers and the seating arrangements will be spoiled

We welcomed our guests at the Kuching International Airport (VVIP Lounge). Seen here is the Ambassador from Nigeria with his wife, and my fellow officer Paul Jorin and Anthony Banyan processing his passport details. They were among the first Ambassadors to arrive in Sarawak. The recieving Minister at that time was YB Datuk Gramong Juna and his wife.

Full Dress Rehearsal

A full dress rehearsal for the Parade and Ambang Merdeka was also held to fine tune the necessary details. As I had said earlier, this event is to be done in clockwork detail. There are foreign guests and diplomats from all over the world attending the Merdeka Parade and Ambang Merdeka.

Malaysian Royal Police Contigent March Pass Rehearsal.

The Malaysian Royal Army (Ladies) passing by. If you are familiar with the Traxx FM Deejays - you will notice two of them at the middle right hand corner of the picture (one is wearing blue standing next to the speakers).

The Army's Heavy Equipment were put on display

Kids were dressed in their costumes

And the Merdeka Padang was filled with Colours

The most interesting show was the variety of colour display at the main stage

Everyone was enthusiastic and anxious for the show to go on

Ambang Merdeka Night Rehearsal at the Water Front

The VVIPS were there to view the rehearsals. YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr.) Alfred Jabu and YB Datuk Douglas Uggah was there to make sure everyone gave their best

The VVIPS from Traxx FM also dropped by days before the event. Picture above: They were Navsta (middle) and Patrick (in white shirt) with the Terminal One Club Deejay in Kuching. We manage to meet up and had a drink or two as they had wanted to familiarise themselves with the event and mood of the people in Sarawak.


Desmond, with your priviledged access, you should moonlight as a press-photographer and sell your pics to news agencies...! Good insider's blog, as usual. I'll see you soon, I suppose, not that the celebrations are over.
How much $$$$ is spend on these celebrations..? Just wondering..

Anyways, you are cool! Rubbing shoulders with some VVIPs!