Merdeka 2006 Countdown

Get the Merdeka Feeling

Its that time of the year again, but this time its much grander...very much pretty much grander. I have been pretty much occupied by the extra duties and I have to admit I just accessed my blog today. Anyway joining the various activities lined up has been quite breath taking and fun as Sarawak attempts to make sure the running of this year's National Level Merdeka Celebration (which Sarawak is hosting) becomes a success. Being part of the nuts and bolts of the State Administration machinery we are assigned those small duties of running around to make sure that the things planned tick like clockwork. Its easier said than done actually because this is something that no one person or one agency or one department can attempt to coordinate alone without full cooperation from everyone. Unless of course everyone that is involved is under your pay and you are equivalent to Steven Spielberg trying to create a movie scene which involve thousands of cast - maybe that will work. After the many uncertainties - the Hands Foot & Mouth Disease and Hazy Days - it came as a relief to the organisers and contractors today when the Malaysian Cabinet gave the green light to proceed with the National Parade in Sarawak. The Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu was quoted in the News Straits Time, "I am confident it will not return" when replying to reporters after chairing the Merdeka Countdown preparations. I hope our Kalimantan neighbours register that in their 'slash and burn' schedule. It is to be a proud moment for Sarawak.

Thousands of students rehearse at the Padang Merdeka Kuching

Instructors - in yellow at front had a tough time trying to make sure that the movements are properly synchronised

The students who are now on holiday seem to be enjoying themselves

A proud moment to make their mark in history - after all the children are our future

The whole length of Kuching Roads will be closed temporarily for the rehearsals

And the colours are stunning even during rehearsals

Okay - it was raining earlier on and the students on the Padang Merdeka field are listening to some motivational pep talk given by the Deputy Director of Education - of the country of the State? I have not found out yet. So I imagined he must be one of the top guns as someone is holding an umbrella above him.

Security will be tight - really tight as two or three army polices will be scrutinising every vehicles and its occupants. So be careful of where you drive in Kuching this week as there are many uniformed personnels on the roads near the National Parade venue.

How to hide this eyesore - an bandoned building across the General Post Office. Let's see how creative our contractors are later

Preparations are pretty much in the final stages. We will be recieving our final briefings of many briefings already. Let's make this work people and do not forget to fly your Jalur Gemilang Flags! More Merdeka postings to come!


SIB KingFisher said…
another great insider post.

You must be tired to the bone :).
Kay Wotton said…
Great pictures. So glad to find some Sarawak bloggers. Thanks for blog rolling me. I would offer to reciprocate but the last time I went into my template, I lost the ability to download pictures and I am scared stiff to do it again. But soon.
I am not suprise by the outward show of patriotism.

In fact, it means nothing when patriotism is just the show of colors instead of value instilled for better government and better society.

Anyways... take pics of pretty girls ler! Eye candy!
Chris Anakapai said…
Reminds me of the days when i used to be the students practising the moves under hot sun and soaking rain... Tired but fun at the same time.
Wilson Chin said…
great shoot, love the photos.
GerubiTuai said…
Selamat nyambut Hari Merdeka ya'll.Keep up the good work Igat Desmond.
AlongJr said…
selamat hari merdeka 2u DJ n 2 all malaysian.. peace malaysia..!! ;)
Elsa Gabriel said…
happy merdeka and luv the pic..