Laksa & Ibraco's Banner

There are many blogs about food in Kuching by Sixthseal and Mum Mum. However I discover that I must play my part in promoting my most favourite laksa stall in Kuching. The name of the shop is Foody Goody located at Jalan Setia Raja near Tabuan Laru. The gravy is simply fantastic and I do try my best not to miss it for breakfast. Sometimes you are lucky you will find your friends there enjoying the tasty dish. Most of the morning breakfasts I join my comrades in Environment Management from the Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) Sarawak.

The shop located at Jalan Setia Raja, Tabuan Laru

The Special Dish

Paul Ferdinand Chamberlain, Environmental Control Officer of NREB enjoying his Laksa

Justine Jok and Paul Ponar both Assistant Controllers of NREB enjoying their Laksa

YB Dr. James Dawos Mamit MP for Mambong and Advisor of NREB Sarawak concentrating on his Laksa

I figure that the main attraction of the laksa is the combination of its large prawns and special gravy. I was never a laksa person until a few years ago and well the Laksa at Foody Goody changed my opinion about Laksa Sarawak. One of the advice given by Mr. Paul Ponar, my regular laksa partner, is that you must catch the first serving/early serving of the laksa and that should be between 7:30 a.m when the stall opens and 8.30 a.m According to him if you come late, say at 10 a.m the laksa will taste different as the gravy would have been diluted. The normal dish would cost RM3 - RM4 while the Special Dish with large prawns would cost RM6. Talk about a heavy breakfast - try it out but do not go after 10:30 a.m because they would usually finish the laksa/gravy by that time.

On the way to work one of Ibraco's Housing Project banner caught my eyes - I am not an English language expert and nor is my English that good, so I would not want to comment on the banner lines up all the way along Kuching's main roads. Maybe it was too difficult to spell 'Social' that this project became 'So Sial' - i don't know, you tell them.

Social or SoSial Housing Scheme?