Mi Boss Prawn Mee

Its suddenly time for lunch and I found out that I just did not have time to go out as office work piles up. Luckily I picked this Penang Prawn Mee (Mi Boss) from the Everrise Supermarket shelf the day before. I had wanted to review this instant noodle but went on to postpone it for later. Today was a good time then. Amyway, I did not realise the brand was Mi Boss. So just for the fun of it I put it next to my BossKu mug.

I picked this mee for sentimental reason. Being a former Penang Boy studying at Universti Sains Malaysia, Minden Heights Main Campus, this dish was a regular serving. The original Penang Prawn Mee was better of course. No argument  So this was a chance to rekindle that taste bud.

On opening you get to find the small dried prawns, the soup powder and oil inside the sachets. I cooked it for 5 minutes in hot water with the ingredients I forgot to take a photograph of the unique orange soup after it was ready for serving.  

How do I rate this instant noodle? I'll say I will give it a six out of ten (6/10). Others may have different rating but this applies because I was hungry. The noodles was not the original. If anyone wants to be creative you can replace it with the yellow noodle or white meehoon or mix both. But the taste of the soup was almost original except that it was a bit too sweet. If you ask me to compare it with Maggie Mee, it will lose. It will also not beat the Lee Fah Sarawak Laksa instant noodle. But if you have had too much of your regular Maggie, the Penang Prawn Mee by Mi Boss is a recommended change. Give it a try.