A Date for Sarawak: 22 July

The celebration mood was at an all time high at the new Dewan Undangan Negeri Complex. Everyone was donning various types of traditional costumes that one can be forgiven if they mistook the arriving VIP guests with the performers from the traditional troupe. The weather was just nice and suits the script which is to incorporate the reenactment of Sarawak being granted Independence on 22 July 1963. They even had a Union Jack flag flying high. 

The Sarawak Governor and Chief Minister arriving at the venue of the celebration

Standing to attention while singing the National/State Anthem

White is the theme for most of these VIPs

And the show starts...............

Local actors playing soldiers from the land of Rising Sun

There was no online petition during those days so I suppose this was how anti session
protests were organised then

Sir Alexander Waddell and Lady Waddell enters the scene in style on the famous sampan 

The Kingdom of Sarawak flag was raised and Fair Land Sarawak was played

Actors playing their parts of what happened on 22 July 1963, when the Governor of Sarawak, Sir Alexander Waddell, issued a proclamation to form the first Supreme Council with the appointment of Stephen Kalong Ningkan, the Chairman of Sarawak National Party (SNAP), as the first Chief Minister of Sarawak. The other members of the Supreme Council were Abdul Taib Mahmud, James Wong Kim Ming, Dunstan Endawie Anak Enchana, Awang Hipni Pengiran Anu and Teo Kui Seng.

No prize in guessing who this actor representing: Sarawak's first Chief Minister YAB Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan

The Union Jack was lowered for the final time, at 12:00 noon. At 1pm Sir Alexander Waddell's farewell message was broadcast over the radio to the peoples of Sarawak. “To say goodbye is never easy but it is particularly difficult to say goodbye to Sarawak – the more so at a time of historic change and of great events, Of these I will not dwell but you can be sure that tomorrow Malaysia Day and in the future our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers will be with you as you step out on the great high road of independence with the star of hope and promise before you”.

So the era of Sarawak's self governance, for 55 days, began on this day (52 years ago) as this nation prepares itself to establish a new nation called Malaysia with its partners namely the Federation of Malaya, North Borneo and Singapore.

The speech delivered by the Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak during the event sums up Sarawak's commitment to a aunited and stronger country as he clearly stresses about Sarawak's commitment to Malaysia

End of ceremony: The Sarawak Governor pens the plaque for the event witnessed by Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and Sarawak State Secretary

Finally, one for the VVIP album

Always save the best part for last ~ I go to meet the Sarawak Governor, Sir Alexander Waddell and Lady Waddell.