Congratulations Cyril - Dinah

Cyril and Dinah Wedding Dinner Reception

My Nadai Nama Nama Blog has been quiet for quite some time. So it is only appropriate when the Sarawak Bloggers boss gets married I better make some noise here. Anyway its been a hectic year with all these major events happening in the State. I do find myself being caught in the eye of the event's storm in one way or another. Nonetheless, when I was invited by Cyril to his wedding dinner reception, the answer was an immediate 'yes' as his wife is also a good friend. It was also a good way of meeting up most of my buddies who in most cases we only get to meet online.

The lovely couple's grand entrance

The Cake Cutting Kiss

The dinner emcee wasted no time in doing a two in one moment. The couple was required to cut their wedding cake and feed one another pieces of it without using their hands. One can imagine how that can be done. There were a few combinations of attempts but the photo below shows the successful one.

The cake kissing ceremony

The Toast

Next came the champagne bottle opening attempt. Not many of us guys get to do this unless of course you win a few Formula One races. But even if you want to practice opening a few, you really need good reason to spend that money. So in most weddings the encounter with a champagne bottle is usually nerve wrecking.

The moment it 'pops'

Everyone was smiling but someone was worried that some of it may have got onto her wedding gown

Champagne pouring for the toast ceremony

For the toast ceremony, Mr. Mike Cheng was invited to lead everyone with his 'Tra Tra Tra...' let's drink up and be merry.

Dinah sang a song ('Its your Love' for her hubby) while playing the guitar, which I have to say was quite impressive. Its a game changer really, you do not get to see this in any Shakespeare play ~ a relationship sparked through social media (facebook of course) and a lady singing to a guy. Cyril is seen here dutifully holding the lyrics (in the handphone), so I will say 'Thumbs Up' to this amazing digital partnership.

At the same time we were also entertained by an amazing cowboy band named 'The Hybrid' (i hope I spelled that right) throughout the dinner

Finally the couple went from table to table to greet their relatives, friends and guests for another well wishing and toasts. We had a brief fun at our table to pose with our lovely couple as seen below.

The right way

The fun way of course

Weddings are joyous moments and I am glad I was able to enjoy it with Cyril and Dinah. When I was still young free and single I like to joke with my friends who are getting married by asking them 'Are you sure about this?', 'Are you really really sure....' After going through it, I can only say 'Congratulations' because its the most happiest moment of your life. May you live happily ever after my friends, Cheers!


Coffee Girl said…
Oh what a lovely post! Thank you boss cum friend for coming and sharing our precious moments. And for writing about it. ♡
cyrildason said…
Thank you for coming bro, and wow!! this write-up is awesome!