Fallen Heroes

Remember Their Sacrifices

I would like to open this entry with Winston Churchill's quote “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” And I say this with the news as of today, we have lost eight good men. They are our heroes who have put their lives on the line to ensure Malaysia is peaceful and we can go about our daily chores without fear.

1. Inspektor Zulkifli Mamat
2. Koperal Sabarudin Daud
3. Supt Ibrahim bin Lebar
4. L/Kpl Mohd Azrul bin Tukiran
5. ASP Micheal Padel
6. Sjn/D Baharin bin Hamit
7. Sjn Abd Aziz bin Sarikun
8. Kpl/S Salam bin Togiran

ASP Micheal Padel Arrives in Kuching

One of the fallen men who hails from Serian Sarawak arrives today at 5:30 pm via Royal Malaysian Air Force airplane from Sabah. I was unable to negotiate my way through the traffic to pay my last respect but manage to see the arrival of the airplane as it headed towards Hornbill Airways hangar from a distance. The traffic jam was caused by the large numbers of cars by people who came to pay their respect.

Arrival of the Royal Malaysian Air Force at the Hornbill Airways hangar

The crowd who were unable to make it to the Hornbill Airways Hangar watched from a distance at the Kuching International Airport

Jam caused by people heading to the Hornbill Airways Hangar

ASP Micheal Padel's coffin wrapped in Jalur Gemilang Malaysian flag can be seen to be taken out from the airplane

Zoomed in view of the coffin

The Police Hearse with ASP Micheal Padel's coffin leaving the Hornbill Hangar

Uniformed Police DiRaja Malaysia personnel making the final line of respect 

The farewell salute from ASP Micheal Padel's comrade

This scene is replicated in most of the other states in Malaysia to whom the brave men originate from. They served outside their home state, leaving the comfort of home so that they may serve the country they love. Nadai Nama Nama shares this sorrow and will salute them for their sacrifices. Words here will not be enough to say how sad we feel. Let's show support for our Security Forces by uniting in prayer, irregardless of how you name your God, that they will be protected from harm and danger, and that peace will prevail once more in our country. Amen.