It's 2011!

Its my first posting for the Year 2011. As depicted by the image above there are a lot of Nothings that needs doing for 2011. The mind may be set to 2010 still for most of us. True, if you open your drawers you'll find those Nothings you stashed belonging to 2010 time zone, bills dated 2010 and even the fashion wear in your closet is so 2010. Then you'll come to realise that you cannot really celebrate and welcome the New Year by just ditching 2010. The hangover you get from the eve of 2010's celebration drinks will be felt into the early hours of 2011. Thus it is enough if we just put our hand to our chest when we toast to the arrival of the New Year and thank the Lord for every heartbeat he grants us to see 2011. What we have been through is still there and what we have achieved will serve as a benchmark ~ a measurement of what needs to be improved for the new 2011 Chapter.

Nadai Nama Nama welcomes 2011 and will continue to pursue its adventures in Cyberspace and the thrills of Blogging about, well, NOTHING....."Nothing At All" as my Blog Name implies.

The end of 2010 sees us celebrating Dad's 72nd Birthday at our Sibu home

Dad blows the candle on his birthday Cake with his grandchildren who sings.....'Happy Birthday Grandpa'.

Cheers to 2011! Ooohaaa..................!!

We welcome 2011 with the usual anticipation of good Nothings to come and to blog about, the challenges that these Nothings will bring and how we will overcome the difficult moments as a family. That is what its all about, its the family that made Nadai Nama Nama the Nothing it is now and I thank you for their support. Another year of fun blogging about Nothing ahead.......and we say Thank you to the Nothings of 2010 that has passed and Cheers to the Nothings of 2011 that is to come. 


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