Drive Carefully

Early Morning Accident

An early morning accident occurred along the Pan Borneo Highway between Balai Ringin and SK Semukoi this morning (in front of the SK Semukoi School). It involved a Baram Bas Company Bus and a Proton Wira Aeroback driven by a SALCRA staff who commutes between Serian and his workplace at Mile 16 SALCRA Office.

The Proton Wira Aeroback seen here lying in the ditch

The bus went into the pond outside the school SK Semukoi

The tendency for vehicles to go at high speed at this stretch is related to me by the residents who stay along this area. Reason being - its a straight road ahead. But its quite worrying as kids who go for their morning classes will be walking by the side of the road in the wee hours of the morning

Being the first day of school it is a miracle most of the students were not walking to school this morning. If not it could have been a serious tragedy.

The marks of the accident can be seen as the Proton Wira was dragged almost 30 to 50 metres by the bus after impact before both landed on the side of the road. usually the school children will be walking to school on the grassy part of the road.

Another view of the accident scene

The bus driver managed to hop off this bus and it was told that he was slightly injured. He was nowhere near the scene as he was said to have left immediately for Serian which was 20 minutes away from the accident spot.

A nearer look will reveal that the Proton Wira was damaged beyond recognition especially on the driver's side (this is after the Bomba cut through the car )

The SALCRA staff died on the spot due to the head on collision. The body f the driver was recovered by the BOMBA after they opened up the car roof. Pieces of the car were seen stuck on the bus bumper which is said to be heading for Serian while the Proton Wira was heading for Balai Ringin.

The bus after the accident - its as if the front part of the bus has chewed the Proton's front bumper

A closer view of the Proton's front bumper (in green) still stuck to the bus's front

The body bag of the accident victim was put at the back of a Police pick up and will be brought to the Serian Hospital. Its a grim reminder for all road users. Usually accidents are blamed on inexperienced or careless road users. In this case it seems that both drivers are familiar with the road. The straight stretch is quite a temptation for the drivers who ply this route. In this case it does seem that the bus went into the Proton Wira's lane by the looks of the accident debris. At least that's what the witnesses related to me. Nadai Nama Nama's advice to all road users - Drive Safely, Carefully and Pray the other driver does too.


Oh my goodness. I feel sad for all the victims. And I feel sad for their family members too. We really have to be careful when driving on a straight road.
headsteadi said…
Ishhhh ... what a sad morning. Hopefully Tuan DJ will always take extra precaution when commuting Kch - SA route.

May the victim rest in peace.
Tia said…
a child has lost her daddy
a wife has lost a hubby
a parent has lost a son

yeah... we have to be very careful when driving, biar lambat asal selamat.
cyrildason said…
owh my, I was on my way to Bintulu the other day, and the bus we rode was even faster than those express buses!!