A Time in June


One can consider June to be a month of many happenings. For example, Gawai Dayak kicks off in early June and sails through the month with Father's Day and the King's Birthday. Its also World Environment Day. Everyday is meaningful once you wake up fine and healthy - there's no natural disaster befalling the country, you get to spend time with those you love, celebrate the peace and tranquility that is unique in this lovely State of ours. Of course everyone is moaning about fuel hikes (including me) and complaining about everything that affect their daily lives. But we have to get the message in our head that these changes are due to the global events beyond our control - our state or country is not as powerful and big as the United States that we can change the course of history or the price of oil. When I was in the States, our American friends cannot locate Sarawak. Maybe if we decide to go for Nuclear Power one day they will start aiming their sights on us. Currently only Singapore is aiming their telescopic sights on us and anything that comes out of the sea water surrounding her.

A time to Celebrate - Thanks to Mr. Adrian Chung for this Secret Recipe cake which sweeted our Gawai celebration

A time for Gifts - Thanks to Mr. Danny aka Blueheeler (Nanga Beguang's adopted son) for this Teachers package straight from Singapore

A time for Daddies: Father's Day or rather Fathers Day in Sibu - My dad, Uncle and brother in law with myself blowing the cake prepared by the Mums

A time for Prayers: Giving thanks to the Almighty Lord

A time to Gather with one another and relatives from afar over a few glasses of home brewed Ai ijok (from Lubok Antu) and home cooked recipes

A time to Revisit - your neighbourhood barber in Sibu - I used to be sent here for my haircuts as a kid before the famous Unisex saloons appeared. Its RM6 for a session

A time to Trust - the good thing about home grown barbers is that they will listen to you on how you want your hair cut. Professional hairstylists will tell you how your hairs ought to be cut. Here you are the 'professional and the barber always listen to their customer

A time to Admire that superd hairstyle - your own creation - even though my family claimed that I screwed up my hair when I reached home

A time to Wonder - what is that paint brush (and other unidentifiable objects) for on the barber's shelf?

A time to Drive Carefully home: Driving home to Kuching after an enjoyable Gawai in Nanga Beguang and Sibu for more than a week

A time to Work and Envy: My duties resumed immediately when I reach Kuching, welcoming the YAB Pehin Sri Chief Minister at the Hornbill Skyways Hangar - admire the HTC PDA Phone which YB Encik Slyvester Entri used to surf and sent messages. Its good to know our YBs are becoming high tech now

A time to Catch Up (with the buggy) as our Right Honourable Prime Minister and Right Honourable Chief Minister made an official trip to Tebedu to view the Federal projects there and also spend time with the Tebedu community. The Prime Minister was also in Sarawak for the National Gawai Celebration 2008

A time to Record: During the National Gawai Dayak Celebration 2008 my camera managed to catch a glimpse of our Member of Parliament for Kelana Jaya (YB Loh Gwo Burne) - (famed for the Lingam Videos) and spouse

A time for Pleasant Discovery: This former Kumang Gawai (Duline Musit) is going to be my aunty soon

A time to Appreciate: The launching of the Gawai 2008 emphasized the importance of rice
A time to Unite: The traditional drama performance on the night of Gawai 2008 focused on Unity - Segulai Sejalai

A time to Learn: More about the other ethnic groups in Sarawak

A time for a Sweet Smile from our Kumang Gawai from Song

A time to Sing: The singers in the form of Zainal Abidin with the local talents trying to sing the Iban Song (Wawasan 2020)

A time to Give Attention to the Kumangs

A time to admire the Bidayuh Beauty Queens

A time to Go Ga Ga over the Orang Ulu Beauty pose

I would say this would be the time to pack up my things as I am going to move on soon. It has been a fun month especially in this first two weeks of June. The final two weeks will be used to prepare for the next new station to which I will be transfered to. Indeed June has provided many interesting times and memorable moments to be cherished.


Orchid said…
Hi..used to visit your blog all the while. Interesting write-up. keep it up and selamat bekelala...
Uchu Keling said…
Nice haircut and a beautiful aunty-to-be
jingpengboy said…
wonderful gawai for u!
Anonymous said…
aahhh looking at those kumang gawai pictures flash back plenty of sweet memories...selamat gawai ngagai nuan ucak.. :)
Mizz Coki said…
Duline is your auntie to be?
Layang is your uncle lah? hehhehehe....