Mid Term Cheers

Ninth Malaysia Plan Mid Term Review

For anyone who cared about the Mid Term Review of the Ninth Malaysia Plans yesterday, it seems that a lot of focus is being given to Sarawak (and Sabah). I'll spare readers the Prime Minister's speech in Parliament yesterday and just highlight the emphasis of ongoing efforts to eradicate poverty, improve educational facilities especially of those in the interior, bridging the rural gap via commercial land development (Agroplolitan), better health facilities and access, improve road infrastructure facilities to bridge urban-rural gap, plus better equity ownership amongst the Sarawakians.

Working together through close cooperation between the Federal and State Government. Sarawak's solid support continues to provide for the formulation of Sarawak-centric development policies that benefit Sarawakians as a whole

Sri Aman: The Town That Symbolises Peace

Thank you again to all those who made the correct guesses on where I will be heading to next month. The two white doves in my previosu blog is the icon for Sri Aman Town, which will be my next station after Kuching (where I had served a good 14 years). Sri Aman will be a totally new experience for me but it does offer me an opportunity to take part in the implementation of the development plans outlined in the Ninth Malaysia Plans (Federal & State projects and Programs). Yes - its a totally different view of the planning process where I had in the early years of service involved myself in the 'planning' aspects and now its hands on with regards to seeing the plans materialise and to assess its effectiveness. Of course the drama of it all will be the actual challenges of executing the job and managing the people and work environment. How I will cope, I do not know yet as this is my first 'on the ground-hands on' experience.

Sri Aman Resident Office: My new station where I will work under the wise Tuan Resident of Sri Aman and seek his guidance while serving the station to ensure a smooth development delivery mechanism in Sri Aman Division

Peaceful setting and different standards

How far is 'far'? While looking for a place to stay I was told by one of the Sri Amanians that the nearest place would be the existing Government Quarters which would take about 5 minutes to and fro my office. I am also informed that the furthest housing estate too choose from is 4 km in distance which is 10 minutes away via 'car' and its considered quite 'far' from the Office. The stadium where one gets to jog and burn those calories is also within 10 minutes radius - and so is the 4D Magnum, Sportstoto. Cashweep, banks, market, coffee shops, KFC... (minus the traffic jams). Erm...... oh yeah, my only complain will be that there is no tHe Spring and Boulevard shopping malls and I am told it has only one karaoke outlet (so more investments will have to go to Sportstoto etc). All this good living - Sri Aman is going to spoil me,


NelsonAntalang said…
Desmond,What a fantastic blog! I may be wrong. You are the son of Douglas J, aren't you? I am from Kapit but residing at Miri.

I was at methodist secondary school when Douglas J was the head master SMK kapit. Cheers and happy blogging!
cyrildason said…
It seems that your on transfer again... well.. all the best brother.

Sri Aman is a quite town, from what I understand.. but instructions are instructions.. so all the best.
Anonymous said…
Hmm nadai hal, ma bisi peluang pangkat besai sigi kin kia mindah. Nyadi District Officer ke?
sagaraptor said…
If it happen you visit some kamoung called seduku.... extend my greeting to my kamoung folk
NelsonAntalang said…
Thank you Deejay for the information. We may have a lot of other common interests. Pls kindly link my website to yours and I will do the same.
Apai Salleh said…
ok, desmond. I shall visit you in Simanggang on my way to Lingga in 3 weeks time. When are you moving to take up this post?

(consider this a good posting; Datuk Hanipah was resident of Sri Aman in the 80s before he became the past Mayor of Kuching City North)
Guday said…
Hi Desmond,

My First time, writing on your blog, and I have to say it is very informative and well written - an apotheosis for others(Dayak).

On Sri Aman, it is my 2nd hometown and I love it and thus have a soft spot for it. If you want to swap your workplace - anytime!

The people are friendlier and fresh produce are cheaper, well you will find out!

All the best!
Unknown said…
Hello neighbour,

Sri Aman is my parents' hometown. All the best on your new posting. You might "enjoy" the slow-mo pace of living in Sri Aman. Kuching is only 2.5hrs drive away anyway.

P/S Your family joining you?

Joe Nyuin said…
Hello Desmond,
Have been frequently visiting your blog. Quite surprise to know that you have been transfered to Simanggang.
It is a quiet town. I was brought up there until Form 5.
Don't forget to try kueh tiow goreng "hangus" at the old open air (at the entrance river-side) or Mee Dawai at the market near bus station. After office you can go to have "Candut" at a shop at the ex-cinema. During high tide, don't miss the Benak in action.
By the way, if you are free, please go to Taman Siang. It's coming to be Taman Malam nowadays.

All the best to you.

Anak Simanggang