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After my last heli ride, some of my colleagues asked me how it feels like to ride in a helicopter when there is a bad weather. Sometimes I prefer hearing other people's account and not go through it my own. My recent trip to Mulu and Mukah brought that experience to me anyway. Two important things to remember - One: Trust in the pilot as he knows if its safe to fly or not as he keeps tab on the weather and the weatherman's report is within his fingertips. Two: Faith in God is important especially when you realise that you are a few hundred metres above the ground. And when bad weather engulfs your helicopter pretend not to notice why the water is leaking from above and dropping onto your head (i happened to me!). Anyway that happens only in the older Bell helicopters. After having clocked a few 'flying hours' I can say which heli you can be confident of if you have to ride in one - preferably it should have two rotors like the new Eurocopter (EC) or Bell 430 and not one. Here are some aerial shots again of how it looks like from the pilot's view when you fly in the rain.

Hornbill Skyways - Bell Helicopter (i assume this is the older model still in service) taking off from Kingwood Hotel Mukah. The hotel has a huge parking lot that can allow for a few helicopters landing pad

On a clear day with Captain Thomas Lim

Oops....a bit of rain coming in. The screen will be as if water is splashed on the windscreen due to the helicopter's speed

Visibility will be affected too if the rain starts pouring

The pilot knows how to maneuveur around the weather or pockets of rain as seen here. The rain clouds can be seen from a distance and so the best way is to avoid it

In the heli you need to wear those ear protection gear - it protectss your ear from the high decibel noise generated by the rotor

And so I guess that's it. If you are used to roller coaster rides sometimes, the strong wind can give you a ride of a life time but then that only happens on a very bad weather. I went through a few stormy experience which lasted a minute or two as the pilot steered the heli out of the rain pocket. Below are some photos (enlargeable) which I managed to take when I was not closing my eyes.

Kingwood Mukah Resort

Kuching Barrage - Bako Area
Kuching - Market Area and Astana (partial)
Stadium Sarawak - with the ongoing scandal of the Sarawak Soccer Team I can't predict what is going to happen to Sarawak football what the future holds for this once beautiful stadium when fans don't trust Sarawak Soccer anymore
Wisma MASJA (Baitulmaal)
PUSTAKA Negeri from above with the Wisma SESCO in view
Wisma Masja and the distant Wisma Bapa Malaysia and Dewan Undangan Negeri Complex
Progress of the new Dewan Undangan Negeri Complex with the front of the Astana (Sarawak Governor's Residence)

Taman Tunku Miri

On the way to Mulu I got the Taman Tunku view here for some of my Miri friends who requested for it. Thanks to Uchukeling for information on the pictures below - will try to see pictures of Krian Saratok if I pass that way.

SMK Riam - Jalan Rajang

On the left is the industrial lots and on the right is where members of RumahDayak.com live. Down bottom is where the new shop houses.

Taman Tunku, Miri: Bottom-left is the location for BBQ stall

Sporting VIP

Here's a candid shot of our Honourable Member for Layar Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu ak Numpang at the Royal Mulu Resort. Its not often one can get to see VIPs playing a game of pool and I have to note that his skills are better than mine. Not that I am a good pool player - I prefer online Pool and swimming pool :)

In goes the blue ball

In this game it can be said that YB Datuk Patinggi is reprensenting Sarawak versus the player from HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco's player

And finally just to say it feels better to be on the ground - dining in Lawas Sarawak and attempting to finish four litres of Remy Martin becomes less scary now


Uchu Keling said…
Taman Tunku Pix #1 - Blue roofing is the SMK Riam along Jalan Rajang.

Taman Tunku Pix #2 - on the left is the industrial lots and on the right is where members of RumahDayak.com live. Down bottom is where the new shop houses.

Taman Tunku Pix #3 - Bottom-left is the location for BBQ stall.
Uchu Keling said…
Any aerial pic of Ulu Krian? Pls get some shots if you are flying over Saratok, Ulu Paku, Ulu Julau areas./.
= FLoReNcE = said…
Wah...nice view u had there. I never ever tried to sit on a helicopter before. I wish I can try it out one day. :)
Mell L. said…
I don't have any aerial pics of Ulu Krian, but I have close shots of the road (the horrible).