Congrats Doc & Jerry

Two Rounds of Applause

Two great news that has made me smile - one is Tun Dr. Mahathir's blog and my childhood buddy Jerry is getting married - finally!

Applause No. 1 Che Det's Corner

I am glad that Che Det's blog made it to the second posting. Our Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun continues to make surprises after his 'retirement' from the highest post in the country by presenting CheDetDotCom.

Applause No. 2 Jerry's Big Day

Congratulations Sir - I believe you have met your perfect match. You two share the same aspirations and what more can I say if not 'May the both of you Live Happily ever after'. Oh ya.... try to say 'Tak Nak' to those self rolled cigarettes. Thank you for the invitation - other than that I can't promise making it to the wedding as my schedules are rather tight even on weekends. But I will definitely inform our Sacred Heart School classmates and our Sibu gangster friends about this good news.

Congratulations to the both of you :)


udinb said…
May be our local Ministers/YBs should have they own blog too (of course I knew Kotya Sentosa and Bukit Assek do have one)

Are there any kind of gathering or meeting for local bloggers in Kuching? Or may be an 'unofficial club' for local bloggers.
cyrildason said…
Tun's blog is quite interesting. I noticed that many still have a lot of respect on him.. and he should have started blogging for a long long time ago..hehhehe