Helicopter View

Sky High Journey

Mention helicopter and the first thing that will come to my mind will be the Bell Helicopter or the Nuri of the Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia that hover above in the skies during my younger days. I never thought that some of my official journeys would put me in one of these flying machines. So when I finally did fly in one, there was no time to think. In my heart I was terrified of helicopter rides. In fact I have never been in one throughout my life. But when its part of one's duty, you just have to think positive - and pray hard.

My ride - The Eurocopter EC of Hornbill Skyways

The flying instruments were very complicated - I was pretty worried that they did not have a simple equipment in the form of a 'Air Sickness Bag'. Thanks to the pilot, Captain George, our flight was smooth

I suppose the air above this land of Hornbill is also Celcom Territory. I was able to SMS and MMS to my family throughout the flight. Maybe it was out of the need to feel connected because I was scared and wanted to focus on something else - just wanted to occupy my thoughts on other things and not on the fact that we are two to ten kilometres above land

Aerial Photos from Above

Some of the photos I managed to take from the flight I would like to share with readers who are fascinated with Aerial photos (click on the photos to get a larger view). There are many but I will feature the Lanang Bridge, Bintangor, Sarikei's Nyelong Bridge, a pretty large longhouse in the Sri Aman - Betong Area, UNIMAS and parts of Kuching City. They are in thumbnail so for Kuchingites or those who think they know Kuching well, try to identify the key places and landmarks of Kuching City.

Lanang Bridge

Bintangor from up above

Sarikei - the almost completed Nyelong Bridge

Flying over Saratok - Betong area (wondering where this is)

UNIMAS new campus and the Sarawak International Medical Centre

Jalan Song area

Tabuan Dayak area

Tabuan Jaya - Ibraco HQ in sight

Bangunan Sultan Izkandar

Another view of Bangunan Sultan Izkandar at Simpang Tiga - if you can find where Swinburne University is and the EPF building is

tHe Spring - Kuching's latest landmark

Kuching Municipal Flats - Ban Hock Road

Padungan Road - Kuching Park and Kingwood Inn in view

MBKS Building

Can you make out the MAS Office building?

Holiday Inn and Riverbank Suite

Hilton & Kuching Waterfront

The new Dewan Undangan Negeri Building

Tips needed to enjoy a helicopter ride for guys: Don't drink or eat too much before the flight. There is no washroom in a helicopter and neither can it land at the nearest washroom. If you have to pass water, you will have to bring a large empty bottle to pee in. If the passenger across you is a lady or you are in company of ladies in the heli, I supposed you have to hold your breath till you turn blue.


cooknengr said…
I just wanna say, thank you for the aerial shot. We oversea Sarawakians really appreciate the high def photos.
Nama brita nuan?
Nice view of Kuching for most of us who wouldn't get a chance to experience in real...
Kristopher said…
nice shot.. i think i saw the heli flying low around kuching but i forgot the actual day.
Apai Salleh said…
don't bother with choppers anymore Des, especially Hornbill Skyways.

Just take the Landcruiser and go.
Mizz Coki said…
Des what r u doin up there? turun jampat! LOL
wah.. very nice view.
I haven't sat on a copter... :P
aku orang biasa said…
mmm... amat stedy nepan bilun buah engkabang...
Borneoguy.com said…
Hahaha I envy you tuai, quite rare to go flying around with heli. Bisi asai Donald Trump?

I guess I'll stick to my r/c helicopters collection, my honey bee king 2 :P
= FLoReNcE = said…
wow cool. I never have a chance to sit in a helicopter la..COOL~!
Wilson Chin said…
WOW, I wish I can fly in a heli one day. Nice shoot pang yao.
headsteadi said…
errrr ... didnt the pilot tells u to switch off ur hp?

anyways, im afraid to fly on a helicopter :)
ForgetME said…
Hello, greetings from a fellow Sarawakian studying in Klang Valley.
I just want to ask permission whether I can post those aerial pictures of Kuching in a forum. Here's the link:


I'll post it on the forum first together with a link to your blog, if you are not in favor of it being posted there, I would promptly remove it.

It's just that aerial pictures of Kuching are hard to get and I just wan to post the scenery.
Thank you!
ShengHan said…
Damn. I'm speechless. Those are some really nice aerials. Easily the best recent Kuching aerials you can find anywhere!

I would die to be able to take shots like these! =D

Good job!