Digital Robbery

Beware of the Digital Robbers

I usually hear this happening to someone until it happened to me. I refer to my earlier posting regarding Online Security.

My posting on HSBC Online Posting January 2006

While playing badminton last night the HSBC Security Centre called me up to confirm my purchase of Air Asia ticket RM895. It was rather noisy and I almost confirmed using it to purchase other online items which I did earlier. However when I heard the amount spent I was quite shocked as I would never spend that kind of money and the purchase was made I was playing badminton.

Always be careful when you go online

The HSBC Credit card I used is mostly used for my online transactions (PayPal) and it has never left my sight in any way. Furthermore automatic deductions are made from it for my insurance payments. This time someone got the information to use it to purchase Air Asia Tickets.

HSBC provides one of the most secure online transaction

I have to thank HSBC for their quick action. Though it will involve the cancelation of my card and the Air Asia purchase will also be canceled I did ask them if I can go further (report the matter to the Police or Digital Enforcers) but they adviced me not to as the transaction has been canceled. Well too bad, otherwise we could have at least try to detect who the person was and prevent them from robbing others online. I would have loved to get that culprit who did this heinous crime. I told myself, why not? Let me go a step further and see how good the online security measures are. If anyone has any advice on where to start, it will be good to detect what information was used by the buyer to purchase the Air Asia flight. Surely he or she would have keyed in their identity as one has to produce their Identity Cards while boarding the plane. So all of you out there, different banks have different security measures and if you have a credit card, do go through your statements carefully and if you have online access its much more better as you can find out what transactions have been made on that very day or week instead of waiting for the monthly statement. If Maybank's security measures is to be an example, I like the way they inform you via SMS for any transactions made from your Maybank2u Accounts - especially transfer of funds. Why not use that as an early bird warning for Credit Card transactions (for those who have handphones that is). Imagine recieving an SMS saying "1.20 a.m - Transaction RM180.00 Ah Chong Massage Palour Kuala Lumpur xx.October 2007 Successful".


Wendy said…
I've had similar experiences before with my Citibank credit card. Usually it's after an online transaction which I made or after a visit overseas - you know how they take your credit card to the cashier and then bring it back to you with the paid bill - people couldhave jotted down all the numbers including the security codes.

I used to deal as a merchant with Citibank for online transactions and have proof of these culprits who use others' credit cards to make online purchases. I had their addresses as well. When I try to lodge this with the merchant bank to report to police (all evidence is there), no banks will do so due to the hassle and procedures they have to go through. So, these culprits aren't nabbed at all. They repeat what they've done again and again on others' credit cards too. It's no wonder why a lot of US websites don't accept Malaysian credit card purchases - we're blacklisted!
Unknown said…
In US, most credit cards would let you dispute the charges if they are not yours. As for Debit card, it might be harder as they get deducted directly from your account. Anyway, at least HSBC contacted you for transaction vefication first.
cyrildason said…
Hmm.. now I'm worried about using my credit card..
I think i will use your card for papaya farming!!!

Uchu Keling said…
No need to worry if the sms alert is in your hand.. not unless you forgotten to change the mobile number LOL..
Chris Anakapai said…
i've changed my blog address to

chris said…
Pay anything online with a debit card, thats not connected to any accounts. I use Public Bank Visa Electron for that. But, you have to fill it first before you can use it. Safer because it's not connected to any bank account and even if the hacker got the details there's nothing to lose, no money inside :P. But abit hassle lah, you need to go to the bank to refill it ... or just use online refill thru maybank2u.

Owh yeah, one thing. I always see this happening these days. Whenever you pay for your petrol at gas station using your credit card, never leave the transaction details behind. I've seen a few times where people leave this white sheet of paper the oil machine spurts out after you've filled the gas. So many card details inside and it's enough data already for a pro hacker to steal your money ....
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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