Fair Luvly March

Its March Already!

Peeking into my official diary, I realise its March 2007 already. Time really flies - free time is becoming a luxury now. I remember those younger days when we just could not wait to grow up. My parents would say - "Wait till you are big. Wait till you are old enough!" Okay - I will be hitting the 40 Years in two years time and its like a free gear trip down the hill. Each hour passes by like a blink of an eye. Each day brings new challenges and trials of living as a grown up. Hmmmmm.... most of my friends keeps saying Life Begins at 40! My wife says Mid Life Crisis begins at this time also. After reading Wikipedia's definition she could be right.

What's up Doc?

Health plays an important part to enjoying life because one do not want to suffer poor health throughout our living years. Our family physician in Kuching, Dr. Khaira always gives me those much needed healthy tips. Besides we are in the same age but he will be passing the fortyish line a few months earlier - I'll ask him if Life starts at 40 indeed! Other ways to test if you have age issues take these two tests:

Test One: Attending Dinners with Oldies Theme

One sure way to remember your timeline is to attend dinners which plays oldies themes. The Malay Car Importers and Dealers Association (PEKEMA)held a dinner recently at Holiday Inn Kuching with the theme Malam Nostalgia. So if the oldies songs that are being sung seems all too familiar it will confirm the age issue. When the new young singers render the new and latest songs that you never heard of and the youngsters in the dinner seem to enjoy it - that would be a second opinion to say "Dude you are growing old".

YB Dato Sri Abang Zohari is the guest of honour that night

Temenggong Datuk Kenneth Kanyan (center) and YB Dr. Stephen Rundi (left)

Our local Elvis and Cliff Richard - one can't help swinging to the song 'The Young Ones'

Baggy pants - yeah I remember those days when it was hip

Theodora Meilani Setiawati - the Akademi Fantasia Indonesia (AFI) was one of the invited stars

The VIP Ladies enjoyed the 'Benci Tapi Rindu' number rendered by Theodora

Theodora singing with the guests

If you can keep up with the young singer here like this gentleman - you don't have an age issue

You also need to enjoy the food

Test Two: Attend Beauty Contests

Another way of testing whether you still have what it takes - try attending a beauty contest. Fair and Lovely (Unilever Group) is currently organising its Ninth instalment of Fair and Lovely competition. A related website can be viewed at the World Harvest Festival homepage. Recently the semi finals were held at the Tourism Complex. It was quite a fun outing as I got to know some of the contestants up close and personal...ehemmm. But then again that is not the issue now. If you find yourself critical of the management of the event - the sound system, the sequence, the music and lighting, the way the emcees ask the questions rather than cheering like a mad man everytime the pretty ladies on the stage blinks at you - you decide if you are indeed having age issues.

The Opening Dance of the Fair & Lovely Semifinal

The contestants walks in - its also the time to check your pulse

All contestants have the looks, height and style

If smiles could kill........................

Graceful walk back to the changing rooms - how's the hearbeat now?

Those attending the Semifinals also got the chance to win some prizes - and we were quite entertained by the antics of the Emcees one of whom is a good freind, Zaki.

The reigning Miss Fair & Lovely Miss Raden Ira Faraniza Mohd Iskandar is also one of the judges during the Semifinal - She's still got that captivating smile

Crunch Time - the question and answer session - IQ makes about 25% of the points so the contestants have to be really alert to the questions

She has the height - one of the Chinese contestants (if my hearing was not wrong her name is Yam Poh Ling and she is from Sri Aman)

So its up to you to evaluate yourself - do you have age issues? Is there something that you feel that you would like to achieve before you hit 40: I can't help enjoying the reality television show about Tommy Lee's attempt to pursue University qualification at the Nebraska University, Lincoln.

No age issue here dude :)


Anonymous said…
Goshhh wake up call for me!!! Dah tuai tuk ahh..
woo-hoo! 80s music beats the rest....
JamyTan said…
Nice blog you have !
tunku said…
hehe, that's dr khaira i guess, my doctor too.
Wah, kayatan, you are here too?! Heheh.

DJ, don't worry abt hitting 40 .. speaking from experience! Worry abt the mid life crisis!