Sri Aman Welcomes Ducati

Welcome to the Riders of Ducati Multistrada

Though it was a Maal Hijrah holiday and also a Sunday, Sri Aman was in for a treat as the Naza team were organising a visit to Sri Aman as part of their Ducati Multistrada Borneo Experience & Adventure 2011 event. The Dulcati Multistrada team was led by Yang Berbahagia Datuk SM Zulkifli SM Amin's team of Naza Chevrolet vehicles. It was an exciting experience as I managed to catch a glimpse on how this superbike perfromed as I cruised along the Serian - Sri Aman. Escorted by the Police and Marshall I managed to follow the team as they rode at an average speed of 130 km/h. They overtook me somewhere at Balai Ringin area and as I tried to keep up with the convoy I was praying for dear life at the same time.

Ducati Multistrada S1200 visits Sri Aman

Marshall for Ducati's team and their camera man escorting the riders along the Simunjan road

Dulcati Adventure riders approaching Samarahan (Simunjan) - Sri Aman administrative border

Dulcati Multistrada adventure riders going up Sri Aman's most challenging hill, Bukit Begunan

Which is your pick? Ducati Multistrada lined at the Panaroma Benak Park parking Bay, Sri Aman. Its an awesome bike really! Anyway due to its awesome price I can only awesomely admire it from afar.

From left: With the organisers of the Sri Aman visit ~ Felicia Tan, Ybhg Datuk SM Zulkifli SM Amin, Johnathan Lugoh and Zaidi Sarkawi admiring the Ducati Multistrada S1200

One for the album: Team Naza and Ducati riders taking a group photo with the Sri Aman team at the Panaroma Benak Park

Posing with a Ducati ~ its quite tempting as the last time I owned a motorbike was during my University days which was almost twenty years ago.

Adios and see you again: Ducati Multistrada S1200 riders leaving Sri Aman at the Temudok junction 

Naza ~ Ducati is planning to organise another Ducati Borneo Adventure Tour soon and I believe Sri Aman would be put in their list as we invite them to experience our Benak waves. It has been fun keeping up with their tweets updated by the @Eftraideas team. Keep up the good job guys and gals and see you all again soon.