Fear Factor Ala Kuching

It Does Not Matter What Your Colour Is

That's right. One would have thought that seeing people in yellow, red and other colours trampling over each other in Sarawak would not happen here. But yet it did recently. Even the children were seen wearing the t-shirts with colours forbidden by the authorities. One would have not believed that this wonderful and peaceful state would be spared colourful tee shirt protests. However the boys in blue were well in control of the situation amidst the shouts and screams minus the tear gases and batons. It was a surprise to see one of my Sarawak Bloggers friend, Mr. Mike Cheng, involved in this fearful moments.

The boys in blue were in full control of the situation although those wearing yellow t-shirts and we see Mike Cheng (in light blue) seeking refuge from the authorities as he is being hounded by that little girl in yellow who is still contemplating on what to do with him.

Not so violent clashes of Yellow, Green and Blue t-shirts

A yellow T-shirt lady is seen here running away from the red T-Shirt ladies as she feels she is being outnumbered maybe?

Mike Cheng knows he is out sized and out runned during the riotous moments but the temptation of what is kept in the secret aquarium tempts a gold rush scramble. No one dares to overtake the tough dude in blue.

At this point in time I would like to ask what was Mike thinking?

But all was in the name of fun as this event was a Fear Factor Event held by the organisers for the parents  last Sunday (17 Jul 2011) at the MBKS Mini Stadium. This was a side event to keep the parents occupied while activities were being organised for the children from various nurseries (mostly Krista Kindy) including day care centres. 

The children of course enjoyed themselves as they had their games and colouring contests while seeing their parents having tumbling over one another.

No one was injured, or rather, no humans were injured in the events. Hopefully no frogs were injured also in the froggy catching competition. This was a fear factor event and its was expected that the participants would be scared of frogs. So they thought as the participants were there irregardless of race or age or TEE SHIRT COLOUR to share the fun. Anyway the prizes were too attractive to be scared of frogs. Maybe some non governmental organisation (NGOs) which emphasize on frog protection would not be happy if the frogs are harmed. And I believe only political parties are scared of frogs and may wish to squish them if given the chance. See how things get out of perspective when we get too sensitive and go into the political nature of things? NGOs and Politics need to steer clear of one another. Way to go Mike...at least you made it to Round  2.0 of the Fear Factor.


Anonymous said…
So many colours...yet friendly atmosphere and so much fun had by all.
cyrildason said…
Mike looks soo cute. Wanted to go to this event as Mike gave me a buzz to support his effort, but had to run back to the kampung for some family matters.
Rodz Nocturne said…
hahaha Mike is the main "player" here :D