Subsidies Cut No Problem

Tri Dee (3WD) Way To Becoming A High Income Nation

I am glad that I took heed of YB Senator's Dato Sri Idris Jala's warning about the need to get rid of some subsidies. Yes, he did say its going to happen and it did. I have heard my friends lamenting about this 'hike' and we have again been reminded, MORE will come. Instead of complaining a lot I decided that I should change my lifestyle. Thus I am considering a new money saving vehicle which may save me a lot of money. Not only that I may make some minimal income to make ends meet. This will make sure I can afford that extra kilo of sugar when I charge people who want to ride my Tri Dee.

My new ride is a Three Wheel Drive (3WD) or Tri Dee Vehicle. No worries on fuel hike here. Paste a few advertisements here and there from those big companies (to make your ride look like a Formula One race car) it may be able to cover some of your daily expenses.

Cruising on this bike means a healthy lifestyle as it needs some manual power. Auto cruise is enabled when it goes downhill. Going uphill is again a unique opportunity to strengthen those back muscles. Air conditioning is free and is usually automatic to suit the external temperatures. In other words this is a very environment friendly vehicle which does not need any high tech engineering modifications. Forget about those Hybrid vehicles which usually come with faulty brake and in the end gets recalled after you purchased them. In the end you have to ride on a friend's Tri Dee to work. Nothing can beat Tri Dee's claim to being a green technolgy vehicle.

A personalised plate number - 1968 is my birth year. Added advantage is that there is no problem in parking space. Those parking enforcement guys won't even know whether to give you a ticket or charge you for parking. Just in case the cops check for your ride's roadworthiness make sure those two side view mirrors are intact. Place those flowers deco there to distract them by telling them that you are the ambassador for peace and love.

Most people who use those home cruisers may wish to consider this Tri Dee vehicle as an alternative also. It may not seem comfortable but a good night sleep is possible after a hard day's cruising. Only minimal space is needed to turn this Tri Dee into a mobile hotel. If you wish to feel safe just park near any Police Station. I also believe you dont have to worry about those Councils' reminders to pay your 'Cukai Pintu' or assessments. I am no economist but I feel that when one reaches this level (your significant contribution to the Service Industry), the money earned on top of your normal salary, minus the many luxuries you can do without, the take home pay would be very much more. Mathematically speaking you will become a high income earner and this will lead to us becoming a High Income Nation. Like I say I am no economist and I do hope those subsidy cuts don't drive us to this level. Cheers from Nadai Nama Nama.


Yeah...i guess we need to change our lifestyle in the midst of financial crisis.

The beca...i'm surprised that it is now introduced in London.
Monyet King said…
I would like to see you "drive" your 3WD from Sri Aman to Kuching and back :)

Not a bad idea for another charity fund-raising event.
cyrildason said…
saw a lot of these people in Penang, and i pity them.

they drive the tourism industry, but when night falls, they sleep in the beca. how sad..