Miss World Malaysia 2018

The Miss Malaysia Grand Final 2018 event “Beauty With A Purpose” was held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching last night 8th September 2018. The winner, as most would have known already, as news about it is splashed out through online media. Yes that is the power of the internet medium, as its speed matches that of the Mighty Thor’s power and Superman strength, combined resulting in lightning speed information. I saw the journalists and the events’ publicity team covering the show at the Gala Dinner and they were equipped with laptops, cameras of various types ready to splash out that moment the winner is announced. Many moons ago they just need to carry a simple camera, just pen, paper with a tape recorder. Since the event is at night the public will only get to read about it two days later.

Larissa Ping wins

Announcement of the Miss World Malaysia 2018 and it went to the contestant whose plate is Number 1.Today’s blog post is to congratulate Miss Larissa Ping for being crowned Miss Malaysia 2018. I only got to know about her by name only as everyone at the office kept saying she was the favourite to win. I am not so much an avid follower of these beauty pageant events. That is also because I tend to be confused with the many other pageants that are being organised and shown on television. Since this was held in Kuching, Sarawak and our Ministry happened to be involved, I reckoned its time to catch up and be educated. Which of course I was taught many things about the event but I will save that for a later blog post. Its time to join the many other Sarawakians thus happy moment. For me her name has an element of digital term so I may just want her to be DDJ’s blog icon.

Miss Larissa Ping receiving the prize for winning the Miss World Malaysia 2018. I better get my dot com title near that RM30,000 just for luck.

Then comes the crown for Miss World Malaysia. I was not sure what I heard but the crown itself costs RM4.4 million, equivalent to USD$1 million. More or less I think depending who is Malaysia’s Finance Minister. The most expensive thing I ever wore on my head was a hat that costs me RM50 for some Havana themed party organised by the office. It reflects the heavy burden of being Miss World for she will travel the globe after this. If only I can take care of that crown for her.

Crowning the winner and by the way she also won the subsidiary title of being talented and photogenic. Wear it like a Princess. I can’t put that dotcom blog brand near the crown though.

So here’s desmondjerukan.com wishing Miss Larissa Ping a blessed journey into the world of fame and service. For she will also be appointed as ambassador for Sarawak Tourism in 2019. Maybe working at the Ministry is beginning to be exciting now with someone as talented as her representing Sarawak’s beauty. Amen to that!

Larissa Ping sending out the love and thanks to everyone after being crowned Miss World Malaysia 2018.


In the end its about those who support you all the way and that is usually your family and friends. With the crown she now belongs to all Malaysians and whatever it is will always be Sarawak’s pride.