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DDJ 02 Sep , 2018 0 Comments Digital Life

As the worldwide web continues to review the way it interacts or interlinks between users and protocols (if any} so shall this blog attempt to adapt to this changes. As I have mentioned how my previous blogger blog was destroyed, partly its my fault for not reading the fine prints when transferring between accounts and service providers. One would expect a smooth transfer but that is usually in theory. Nevertheless its a regrettable loss as some great posts goes missing without photos. Since then, I have gotten over the ‘accident’ which reminds me to take precautionary measures in this digital journey.

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Hopefully the integration of the various social media platforms especially is something I welcome as it allows for less chance of me from losing my past posts or keep tabs on the feedback I get from multiple sources be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or You Tube. So here is a start to another fantastic blogging journey for this digital nomad as I continue to explore the various possibilities that seem endless in the vast internet frontiers.

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