Sada Kamek 2017

Nature’s Tunes

Basically I was wondering also why the event would be called Sada Kamek but it was described as the sound of nature by the Rainforest Fringe website. It could have been called a pre Rainforest World Music Festival concert to give it more oomph. But Sada Kamek was picked by the organisers and I guess its there to stay, hopefully.

The atmosphere at the Kuching Amphitheatre was befitting of a Sarawak Talents concert as the performers were all from Sarawak and they played and sang along to traditional instruments; though not all but for some of the songs they did. Although some singers sang modern songs, the massive crowd that gathered there was very responsive to the different tunes. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow then fast again. It was like a good teaser to a really exciting dance movie. In fact the party vibes were in the air and people actually danced. My mind was already thinking about work as tonight was a Sunday and I have a whole load of assignments waiting for me in the office. But the star attractions in the likes of Dayang Nurfaizah, Noh Salleh, Nading Rhapsody, At Adau, Pete Kallang , Alena Murang  and Mathew Ngau were too much of a magnet to miss. Either that or it was my boss’s instruction to attend. Whatever it is I am thankful to have seen these bands and individuals perform. The idea of experimental music both by Nading Rhapsody and At Adau was something newto me and its pleasant to the ears.

And So We Danced

Towards the end of the night the weather was kind, the music became the only source of energy that flowed into one’s tensed muscles giving way to a rhythmic move that can only end in dancing. It provides an exciting preview of what would be coming to the Sarawak Cultural Village within the next few days. Some Oohaaa moments awaiting and with most bands that are coming into Kuching will be equally exciting. The beer will be good too for me I hope. After all there are shuttle buses to bring one to and fro the venue not forgetting Grab Car and Uber are in town.

What would be my survival guide advice to those who are coming down for the World Forest Music Festival? I read a lot of advices being posted by the Rainforest World Music Festival veterans recently. DDJ can only stress on the idea of being fit to be able to dance all night long for the 3 days of the event. Hit the road, run the mile and hit the gymnasium before you all come here for the fun and dance. Download those fitness apps and also the Grab Car and Uber apps. I am sure they will be useful in one way or another.