Earning Money Online

Coming Up With A Blogging Idea

It has come to my mind now that blogging used to be a thing of the past. You just do not know what to blog about as there are a million and one data flowing in the internet through different social media platforms like facebook, insta or twitter that challenges all those who used to share their world in blogs. The high speed internet has turned most of the tech savvy communities into cyber consumers making them spend more them surfing for worthwhile information online.

This is the essence of our digital economy status in Sarawak at the moment. We are on average, at infancy stage when it comes to making the most of the high speed internet in Sarawak now. Many have jumped into the bandwagon wondering how to make money online only to get lost in the wilderness of cyberspace while trying to set up online stores or shops. Along the journey these seekers become more blurry as the contents created by others make them drown in the border less internet universe. One either gets engrossed and withdraw into surrender mode as each click or visits to different websites create more confusion. Sure we will read reviews done by others, or guides by good Samaritans. The complexity of the different variables coming into play, the interactivity of the multiple links make some of us wish the internet world would be more simpler. I have come across many blogs and articles on how easy it is to make money online without dishing out your hard earned money to the sites in question which claimed at first that the advice you will gainĀ  monetary rewards from their site which the authors claim to be completely free.

Unfortunately this is far from the truth for some. After that you will receive emails requesting you to invest in this new found secret that have made them successful. That’s what the internet world is lacking right now and that is honest feedback on how to make money or lose money online thus allowing everyone to share the benefit.

I remembered it was an adventure I embarked on when I decided to start blogging many many moons ago. Those earlier moments when the web was less high tech or interactive, it was so much fun to read blogs then. You know who was who as the blogger’s link becomes one of your favourite located on your sidebar. Now fast forward, blogs have been transformed into weapons of mass deception (i would not want to say channel of lies). Being a blogger or if someone calls you one now, relates more to being identified as a cyber trooper posting politically motivated propaganda these days. Let’s move away from that now as I plan reviews on the various online income done through surveys or other methods offered online so that it can be an important source of reference especially for those who wish to do the same. So stay tuned.