Reporting In

Fresh Start

Its almost been five days at my new work place. Similiarly the new Members of Parliaments and the Dewan Undangan Negeri Members are also swearing in around the country. My thanks to all those SMSes recieved regarding my new assignment. I reported for duty at my new workplace with a view to learn as much as I can. The learning curve here is pretty steep. You have to know almost everyone and everything in the State Civil Service and beyond if you are to be able to move here and at the same time make changes of your own.

Day one was a challenge in trying to familiarise with the work environment and studying the work processes. I hope to adjust myself in the shortest possible time

The work environment is conducive - I share a room with another officer and we get to have our own television and stereo player

Like I said the first task was to make sure everything was in tip top condition. Working here means making the right decision everytime if not most of the time and one needs the most up to date support system and equipment. Speed is of the essence and there is no specific working hours to adhere to. I spent most of the time tuning the desktop PC at my workstation to ensure every click matters - it took hours to download the updates.

My boss has his own website so feel free to drop by (click at the picture)

By next week I would say I would be able to understand the nuts and bolts of my new assignment. Wish me some more luck coz I know I need a lot of it.


Serenity said…
good luck on your new job. i used to work for the tong sampah kongsi in Kuching & your boss has been to our BOD meetings.
Apaienduq said…
Sorry Des, no more 10 o'clock for by now onward !!! I can tapau for u eehh
congrats and good luck!

gkvaener said…
good luck des,

Send my regards to your boss,
Used to get his hair dryer treatment during the floods operation years back...
cdason said…
Looking nice man.. hope u enjoy ur new job.
Pemancha said…
Tuan, Congrats and all the best!

Haus ehhh cuti bulan 6 kitai betemu boss.
Uchu Keling said…
Hmm.. and you need to update the PC!!! Gheee... at that office? And, we can perceive those from 19th floor and below.. dunno if its equipped with the latest updates :D

Isk isk isk.. typical gov office - can speak of the highest std in IT but using Windows ME (LOL). How like tat ah!

Anyway, good to have some video games, xBox, at that corner.

See u soon, brother. Dun worry abt 10 am.. I can stay up for the 10pm breakfast.
Uchu Keling said…
Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Now its moderated! Looks like we all need to angkat sumpah not to comment nastily here.

Ayiooo yo!
Anonymous said…
wwooo so u're reportin 2 1 of my BOD.. :)
durian said…
website state secretary kat situ (
sik dapat masuk la....