Sick & Sickening


Blogging is easy when you are in a setting of relaxed atmosphere, and the mind flows freely on what you want to write. But imagine bogging with the smokish scent tickling your nose, one tends to get irritated easily. The State has been engulfed by The Haze again. The last Haze Episode sent the State into an Emergency in September 1997. By the look of it, it is really becoming an exciting event that I would suggest the Tourism Sector picks this up and promote it as an annual attraction - like the Rainforest Music Festival. Where else outside South East Asia can one witness this event every year? I guess I am being sarcastic about this whole thing but what happened to those good old days when there was never a Haze Episode - that would be fifteen to twenty years ago. There are some signals that point me to pay a visit to my local doctor soon (itchy throat and coughing) and get myself a Sick Certificate.

Before: How The Haze looks from my office window. Click on the thumbnail to get a better view. This picture is when we have this 'mild haze' - 15 August 2006. Air Pollution Index at this time was about 80.

Two Days Later: How The Haze looks this morning - 17 Aug 2006. Its as if the State is experiencing some hazy weather. Click on the photo for a larger view - visibility is about 2000 metres. The Air Pollution Index yesterday was at 100.


Well, here another news that would drive anyone (especially anyone who is a parent, or anyone who has a young nephew, niece, grandson etc). I mean it affects everyone of us who is living in a peaceful City like Kuching. Its very very hard to understand what motivates someone to hurt children. Even in times of war, by convention, children should not be targets. I would be surprised if the person caught is to be charged with 'mischief' and possession of a large 'firecracker'. Its fortunate the children were nowehere near the range of the blast. What could have driven the person to be so sick like that?

The Borneo Post Headline 17 August 2006 - something you would have thought would only happen in a warring country

Its going to be a trying time for those who are going to investigate this blast. Police in the News Straits Times quoted that the possible motive could be 'business rivalry'. Wow.... there is no room for fair competition in the local market? They take out their competition in a very crude way. The Merdeka Celebrations will be taking off soon and there will be so many VViPs in Kuching and it would not be good to know someone with the knowledge on how to make a large 'firecracker' like this one. Sometimes I wonder if such people have so much time in their hands that they are able to wake up in the morning and suddenly decided that they want to build a large 'firecracker' and blow up some places.


Guruh Roy said…
"Bomb blast at kindergarten"????? what a dramatic headline...... i thought it was an act of terrorist at first sight......whatever
GroovyTuai said…
Sad indeed but I am not the least surprise. Tusah ehhh ngenang utai bakatu neh! It's that scary nowadays..never know who your nextdoor neighbour really is!
You haven't seen haze at my area yet ... wait, I'll post it in my next blog entry ...... bomb blast? OMG ... we are tired of having this haze around, and now we have "sick" people too? ...
benjaminujang said…
apuuu...amainya amai nang sigi amai...macam2 utai nyadi kemaya ari tuk...aku takutlaa...asai ke dunya tuk ndak selamat agik...pejalai pen agi jauh...
I've been reading S'pore and M'sian 'independent' newspapers long enough to know that for every 'official' story, there are countless unofficial 'stories' that remain untold.
GerubiTuai said…
Happy Merdeka Folks!!!