16 Days of September 1963

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So its Malaysia Day again. This time the 55th year Sarawak, Sabah and Malaya (Singapore left and Brunei opted out) formed this great country. Yes we do always pride ourselves in claiming that we gained Independence from the British without blood or violence like other nations. But then again if one looks at the events that took place along the timeline it was not as easy as that. But let history take care of itself. This 50 years of my life itself is confusing enough already. The better informed Sarawakian leaders fought for 16th September to celebrate Malaysia’s birthday.

Where the road leads for Sarawak in Malaysia no one knows. But as long as we are treated as equal partners and our resources are distributed fairly to develop the State after 55 years of independence. We need not look far as most countries started off like us after post World War 2, like South Korea and Japan. Look at where we will be say 10 years from now.

Some of our Semenanjung countrymen will not understand why. I spend the best part of my learning age there and most were clueless about Sarawak. My argument every time I am asked about it is that each and everyday of those 16 days after 31st August 1963 could have changed history. The Six Days War in the Middle East is a good example on that. The people of Sarawak could have said ‘No’ during the Cobbold Commission. I am not sure about the situation in Sabah but if our neighbouring Philippines had decided to become adventurous there could have been no Malaysian Sabah. If violence had escalated during those 16 days and resulted in loss of lives, some of us would not be here today. That’s why the 16 days matter, the compilation of Sarawakians and Sabahan’s aspiration; our Sarawakian forefathers’ hope for a better future fell into place on 16th September 1963. Selamat Hari Malaysia.

Written By DDJ

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